Will shib go up again?

(1) SHIB has risen by more than 60%, and the price has reached a new high. Can you still buy SHIB now?

A while ago, the currency circle became popular in China, Dogecoin In the domestic ups and downs, some happy and some sad. Dogecoin has skyrocketed since Tesla President Elon Musk posted on social media on May 7 that I am looking for a Shiba Inu copy. The increase once exceeded 60%. During this period, many people leveraged tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of profits with very little principal, and made a lot of money. But with the last American talk show on Saturday Night Live, Musk took the initiative to admit that Dogecoin was a scam, just a joke he made, which led to the price of Dogecoin plummeting after that. 34%. It is also because Elon Musk’s copy that he wants to raise a Shiba Inu has caused the SHIB, which sounds similar to Shiba Inu, to skyrocket several times. Now that SHIB has risen by more than 60%, and the price has reached a new high, is it still possible to buy SHIB now? My personal opinion is that it is not appropriate to buy a large amount of SHIB now, mainly for the following reasons.

1. The transaction of virtual currency is inherently uncertain, so it is very irrational to buy a large amount of virtual currency

The transaction of virtual currency itself has certain uncertainty, so at this time a large number of It is not very wise to buy virtual currency. If someone releases some bad news after buying a large amount of virtual currency, it will lose a lot of money.

ㅡWhy shib skyrocketed

SHIB was launched on February 1, 2021, with a circulation of 1000 trillion, and the current circulation rate 50%. Since the opening, the price has been maintained at about 0.7 zero 6 yuan, and the price has risen to 0.6 zero 7 to 0.4 zero 2425, and the price has risen by 3460.4%. The price has risen by 1169 times in 3 months.
The sudden surge of Shiba Inu Coin is mainly because a group of investors are optimistic about the future of Shiba Inu Coin. There is a certain financial logic to the rise of Shiba Inu Coin. At least from the price, it can be seen that in the continuous efforts of the investor operation team, Shiba Inu Coin has experienced a lot of baptism from its opening to the present.
Shiba Inucoin has been listed on many exchanges. It is the only animal currency listed on the three major exchanges besides Dogecoin. In addition, it has also been listed on the exchanges of listed companies in the United States, which is equivalent to being recognized by many traditional financial industries.
Because the Shiba Inu coin has just started, the price is still relatively low, so the transaction volume is relatively objective, and many investors are accustomed to buying products with lower prices, so there has been a surge in the Shiba Inu coin. As a result, the rise of Shiba Inu coin is in line with the practice of virtual currency, and the previous Bitcoin also encountered a situation of skyrocketing and pulling the market.
But it should be noted here that the rise of Shiba Inu may not be a good thing.
Coins such as Shiba Inu coins are essentially air coins and have no practical significance. The irrational market sentiment makes its price bubble intensify, and behind the surge, it is often accompanied by crazy harvests. As a financial derivative, cryptocurrencies are not supported by underlying value assets and are more susceptible to news factors. Big V calls for orders, hype, etc., are very easy to cause funds to flood into hype. This also means that under the face of bad news, the collapse of cryptocurrency prices will also be the norm.
High-frequency trading, doubling leverage, unclear trading rules, and inability to disclose information to the outside world in a timely manner have limited the ability of cryptocurrencies to protect users’ rights and interests. Sex is unpredictable.

㈢ SHIB Shiba Inu coin has risen sharply and its price has reached a new high. What do you think of the follow-up market of SHIB?

Dogecoin is also a virtual currency, which is similar to Bitcoin. In the same way, these currencies can only exist by mining, but the birth of Dogecoin is so coincidental, it can be said that it is no coincidence.

The Birth of Dogecoin:

Why? Because Dogecoin was born to satirize Bitcoin, because the creators saw that Bitcoin is very popular as such a virtual currency, so they created such a virtual currency Dogecoin to satirize Bitcoin .

Of course this is for comedic presentation or what?

The follow-up of Dogecoin:

In short, Dogecoin fell sharply after that, and virtual currency fell sharply, and it can be said that the rise is normal.

It is very possible that the value will rise hundreds of times overnight and the value will drop hundreds of times overnight.

It is also a taboo that ordinary people cannot touch such a Dogecoin.

Then the follow-up market of Dogecoin will of course still have a certain value, but it is impossible to have such a high appreciation.

㈣ The shib surge once again detonated the currency circle, and what is the charm of shib so popular?

Recently, a “shib surge once again detonated the currency circle”.The news has aroused heated discussions among netizens, and there has been a lot of uproar on the Internet. We know that the virtual currency in recent years has been booming, especially the virtual currency led by Bitcoin, which has risen from less than a penny to more than 300,000, and may continue to rise in the future. . And recently, some new currencies have also appeared, and in a short period of time, they have gone up a lot. The first one is Dogecoin, which has risen by 470% in one month in April, and the other one is the newly launched SHIB in the past two days, commonly known as “shit currency”, this shit currency is also in these two days. The increase has reached several hundred, which is very exaggerated. So what is the charm of shit coins? How can he be so popular? Let’s take a look.

1. Speculation wave

In recent months, virtual currency speculation has reached its peak. Everyone wants to make a fortune here, and some recent remarks made by Musk to be bullish on Dogecoin are also some of the reasons why Dogecoin has soared. It also completely detonated the money-making effect.

The above is my opinion on this issue. It is purely personal opinion and is for reference only. If you have any different opinions, you can leave a message in the comment area, and let’s discuss it together.

㈤ Can the shib currency rise after the latest news plummets?

There is no investment value, but it will rise.
Two reasons
1. Because the SHIB project party entrusted the Shiba Inu coin to Buterin for operation, and discarded half of the SHIB’s private key.
2. The psychology of retail investors, because of the myth of Bitcoin and Musk’s hype of Dogecoin, many retail investors will think that this coin is cheap and will be the next Bitcoin. Buying a few hundred dollars, a few thousand dollars, or tens of thousands of dollars is very normal. So the user group is extremely broad.
To sum up, the dealers behind it are very powerful, and the popularity of retail investors is very high. Therefore, SHIB will definitely rise to a whole new level in the next two years. As for the 0.1 US dollars, this is a bit unrealistic, with a circulation of 10 trillion. It is still very possible to reach $0.01 in Mad Cow.
For some project-supported currencies, such as Polkadot. In fact, I personally am not very optimistic, these are actually a concept, a white paper, a little bit of misappropriation. When some practical tests of the project are slowly implemented, the value of the coin will also increase accordingly, but this is all with great uncertainty and high technical content. If the project is shelved, fails, and cannot be carried out, it is a piece of chicken feathers.
For the currency circle, there is no investment value, only speculation value. So I went back to some basic techniques of the stock market, that is, combining market news and market trends to judge the behavior of the dealers behind.
In short, the four words are: follow the trend
The most commonly used and most practical technical indicator is macd.
The perfect combination of trends and shocks
Expanded information:
First of all, a brief introduction to shib coins. Shib, a virtual currency, was born in August 2020 with a circulation of 1,000 trillion. As of May 9, 2021, the Shiba Inu coin has skyrocketed by nearly 1,200% in one day. On May 10th, the Shiba Inu coin came into people’s field of vision. In just 2 days, it went from a cheap altcoin to the world’s No. 1 cryptocurrency.
Is it possible for shib coin to rise to $1?
The time is updated to June 27, and the latest price of shib coin is $0.0000092. It is understood that the price of Shiba Inu coin has risen dozens of times because of Musk’s tweet, but the price is still relatively low now.
Some experts have analyzed that because the virtual currency is now favored by many people, the price of shib currency may continue to rise, rising to more than 1 US dollar next year.
How many shib coins are issued
1. The total amount of Shib is 1000 trillion, half of which is 500 trillion, which was directly called to V God. Equivalent to (or hope for) half of the Shib will be destroyed forever and will return to zero forever;
2. The total amount of SHIB is one trillion, one trillion 1,000,000,000,000,000 The number of zeros is too many to see;
3. The initial price of SHIB is: 0.000, 000, 000, 0001 is a pile of zeros again.


1. Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) can easily become the most popular new cryptocurrency. Many investors nicknamed the “Dogecoin Killer” wondered if the Shiba coin would eventually be worth a penny or even a dollar. So, can the Shiba Inu coin reach a cent or a dollar?
2. When Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) was first launched in August last year, it functioned like a clone of Dogecoin. Contrary to Dogecoin’s mascot, the Japanese Shiba Inu breed is the name of the SHIB. While SHIB is not yet on a par with Dogecoin, which is heavily backed by Elon Musk, SHIB has more or less maintained a significant presence in the market. SHIBIt managed to break into the top 20 altcoins in a short period of time that was gradually budding.
Three, as the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance is listed, its growth may be obvious. Although SHIB is priced at less than a cent, it has gained more than $3.4 billion in momentum since its launch. This is a vital sign that the foundation of SHIB is strong and strong. It proposes that SHIB has the only goal of reaching $1. In addition to investors being hopeful and pragmatic about this, analysts also suggest that the price of SHIB will double significantly soon.
1. The all-time high price of SHIB coin is $0.000037. The initial price of SHIB is $0.0000000000001, and it has risen ten million times. News that Shiba Inucoin is developing its own new decentralized exchange is circulating in the market. Most of these DEXs are now enjoying great success in the decentralized finance DeFi market. If Shiba Inu’s decentralized exchange can achieve even a little bit of success like other exchanges like Uniswap, it will bring SHIB to its $1 target. If traders continue to invest, the Shiba Inu coin’s valuation will continue to increase.
Two, however, the Shiba Token (SHIB) has a long way to go before it is worth a cent or a dollar, so this is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Cryptocurrencies are a volatile market that can experience massive swings in either direction multiple times a day. Therefore, it is difficult to predict the future of any emerging cryptocurrency with a high degree of accuracy. For comparison’s sake, it took DOGE nearly a decade to reach a 1-cent valuation. If the hype around SHIB doesn’t die down, it could hit the milestone in less time, but there’s no guarantee. Shib token needs to climb 12,000,000% to reach $1. Since January, the coin has gained around 2,000,000% per month.
Three. So, according to Market Realist, if it maintains this growth, it could theoretically hit $1 by the end of 2021. Part of the reason for Shiba Tokens’ current popularity is Elon Musk’s appearance on Saturday Night Live. This is fresh in the current zeitgeist, but will likely go away once it’s all blown through SHIB. At the time of writing, SHIB is up for the week (+1,443%) but down compared to yesterday (-11.62%). However, this is not a harbinger of doom, and Shiba Inu coins are not infallible, even at their peak in popularity.

㈦ Can it rise to three yuan after buying 100 million shibs?

At present, after choosing a shib, you can invest a small amount appropriately. His future It is difficult to predict. Of course, it is difficult for anyone to know the final result of each currency before it becomes popular. Just like Bitcoin, no one was optimistic before, but now it has risen to a level that many people cannot reach, and shib has indeed It can soar by 300% in just a few hours. At present, its price is around 0.00009842 US dollars, and it is still rising, so we just need to wait and see if it can rise, buy a part of it and wait for the investment, because even if we only buy The money of a meal can also have the opportunity for shib holders to usher in a skyrocket.
Expansion information:
What is shib?
Shib is also called Shiba Inu Coin and Erdoge Coin. This is an experiment in the construction of a decentralized and spontaneous community. shib coin is short for DOGECOIN KILLER, this ERC-20Only token can maintain the price of one cent or so, and still surpass Dogecoin in a short period of time (relatively speaking). Shiba Token ($Shib), the first cryptocurrency to be listed and incentivized by ShibaSwap, the decentralized exchange of the Shiba Inu community, has gained worldwide popularity and has risen thousands of times in value.
Currently the Shiba Inu community has locked 50% of the total Uniswap supply and lost the keys! The remaining 50% is burned to Vitalik Buterin, and the coin is the first project along this path for the Shiba Inu community, so everyone has to buy it on the open market, making Developers cannot dump their team tokens in the community to ensure fair and complete decentralization.
When did shib come out?
shib was issued in August 2020, with a circulation of 1000 trillion, shib was first listed on matcha, although Hofu also has platforms such as Huobi, okex, and Binance Also online. The day shib was launched on Huobi, the increase exceeded 300%, and the market was very hot. The initial price of shib is: 0.000, 000, 000, 0001 is again a bunch of zeros. The total amount was 1000 trillion, half of which was 500 trillion, which was directly called to V God. Equivalent to (or hope for) half of Shib will be destroyed forever, and will return to zero forever.
What kind of dog is shib
The image of shib is Shiba Inu, which is why shib is called Shiba Inu coin. The shib coin started in August 2020. It is an experimental project for decentralized and spontaneous community construction. The purpose of the development team is to distribute the developed characters to any participant who has the time and technology. For this reason, they fire SHIB as a coin. excitation.
As for whether it has value or not, it is hard to say. In fact, Dogecoin has no value either. The more people blowing it up and the more leeks, it will attract capital with a sickle in hand. However, among the goods brought by Musk, the richest man in the world, Dogecoin has gone crazy, and dog shit coins have become fragrant.

㈧ Is it possible for shib coin to rise to US$1

1. Is it possible for shib coin to rise to US$1
It is possible.
After the launch of Huobi and Ouyi okex, and the price also skyrocketed, this phenomenon has also attracted the attention of other people in the currency circle, with a surge of 122.8% in seven hours, and an increase of more than 10 times in a week, setting a record history record. According to the current development of shib coin, shib coin is likely to rise to one yuan. However, although the popularity of shib coin is indeed very high now, if you want to rise to one dollar, shib coin needs to maintain such popularity, and only by using If there are many shib coins, or there are always people joining in, the shib coins will only rise to $1.

Second, virtual currency
Virtual currency is established based on mathematical algorithms, and does not require the intervention of third-party credit institutions. Any participant who has reached an agreement can use it, and can play a variety of currency functions in the virtual space of the network.
Virtual currency has some functions of real currency, similar to currency but not currency.
According to the notices and announcements issued by the People’s Bank of China and other departments, virtual currency is not issued by the monetary authority, and does not have currency attributes such as legal compensation and mandatory. It is not currency in the true sense and does not have the same legal status as currency. , cannot and should not be used as currency in the market, and citizens’ investment and trading of virtual currency are not protected by law.

3. Classification of virtual currency
1. Game currency
In the era of stand-alone games, the protagonist accumulates currency by defeating enemies, winning money in casinos, etc., and using these to buy herbs and equipment, but Can only be used on your own game console. Back then, there was no “market” among players. Since the Internet has established portals and communities and realized the networking of games, virtual currency has had a “financial market”, and players can trade game currency between players.
2. Special currency issued by portal website or instant messaging tool service provider
This type of currency is mainly used to purchase services on this website. The most widely used is Tencent’s Q coin, which can be used to purchase value-added services such as membership and QQ show.
3. Virtual currency on the Internet
Such currencies include Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), etc. Bitcoin is an electronic currency generated by open source P2P software, and some people use Bitcoin Freely translated as “bit gold”, it is a network virtual currency. It is mainly used for Internet financial investment, and can also be used directly in life as a new currency.

㈨ Can shib rise to $0.1?

How much shib coin can rise in the future is really hard to say, it is difficult to judge the future value, but Many people think that they can be owned for a long time. At present, shib coins can still be traded, and many trading platforms can buy them.

shib is a zero-elimination test campaign, and continues to work hard. The greater the consensus, the greater the user base, and the greater its value. Starting from the current price of 0.0000018$, shib will at least disappear. Drop two zeros and increase a hundredfold.

1. Since the SHIB project party entrusted the Shiba Inu coin to Buterin for operation, and discarded half of the SHIB’s private key.

2. The psychology of retail investors, because of the myth of Bitcoin and Musk’s hype of Dogecoin, many retail investors will think that this coin is cheap and will be the next Bitcoin. Buying a few hundred dollars, a few thousand dollars, or tens of thousands of dollars is very normal. So the user group is extremely broad.

In summary, the dealers behind it are very powerful, and the popularity of retail investors is very high. Therefore, SHIB will definitely rise to a whole new level in the next two years. As for the 0.1 US dollars, this is a bit unrealistic, with a circulation of 10 trillion. It is still very possible to reach $0.01 in Mad Cow.

㈩Why shib doesn’t rise

My point of view is: SHIB will not rise in the short term, at least it will take 3-5 years.
The market sentiment is low in the short term, and the overall market trend is weak. It is impossible for any currency without strong financial strength to rise wildly. After all, the sell-off faced when pulling the market requires funds. There is no dealer who wants to take this risk. If you fool the retail investors and blow up the retail investors, that’s all. If you are really ambushed by some big institutions, the sniping losses suffered are not small.


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