Will the price of bitcoin go up if there are fewer people buying it?

(1) Will the price of bitcoin continue to rise?

Yes, the price of bitcoin will continue to rise, more and more people are optimistic about bitcoin, and many funds and institutions have entered In the market, the price will continue to rise
Now is the beginning of a new round of price increase

(2) Will bitcoin continue to soar? Ask for guidance

bit The characteristics of the currency fluctuate greatly. Warren Buffett, the stock god, said that this thing is worthless. This is the word of the family, believe it or not depends on your judgment.
The U.S. government has now recognized Bitcoin as a currency that can be legally used within the United States. Many people speculate that the U.S. government is letting rich people from all over the world buy Bitcoin and transfer huge wealth to the U.S. in order to evade supervision.
Short-term ups and downs, it is impossible to judge whether Bitcoin is bullish or bearish, because this is the characteristic of this virtual currency. Only very few people can rely on technology to judge his trend and make a fortune.
If you really think that Bitcoin is worth the money and has a better tomorrow, this is the premise, you may wish to open positions in batches, buy in 3 to 6 months, or even buy in batches over a longer period of time , so as to level the cost and not be out of the game due to vibration.

(iii) Bitcoin has not experienced big rises, falls and rises in a few days, what are the factors that affect its price

Bitcoin has not experienced big rises in a few days The fall and the sharp rise may have a lot to do with the bubble in the market. Tesla’s floating profit reached 990 million US dollars, or about 6.4 billion yuan. At this price, some people are really happy and some people are worried. After all, some people have indeed made a lot of money in Bitcoin, but some people think that this bubble will always burst one day, and the current high price does not know what serious consequences it will bring.

Third, the price of Bitcoin cannot be sustained.

The JPMorgan Chase team believes that Bitcoin’s surge since January this year appears to be more influenced by speculative capital flows. Analysts at the bank pointed out that over the past five months, the total institutional inflow was only about $11 billion, but the market value of Bitcoin increased by about $700 billion. According to Xinhua News Agency, JPMorgan believes that from the perspective of risk assets, Bitcoin’s reasonable price range is $11,000 to $25,000. The price of $25,000 already reflects the long-term acceptance of Bitcoin by institutions, and the current price of more than $50,000 is unsustainable.

㈣ One bitcoin has now reached nearly 35,000, will it rise again?

Who dares to determine whether it will rise or fall, I personally think it is still Don’t buy a good one. It’s a bit late to buy it after it has risen so high. If you want to buy it, buy a little less for fun.

㈤ Will the price of bitcoin rise?

According to the price chart of the tokenpedia website, bitcoin has not returned to the 12,000 US dollars at the beginning of the year since the beginning of the year. Knife price, today 2018-08-01 is 7500 US dollars. The price fluctuates, and it is illegal to conduct encrypted currency transactions in China. The exchanges are all overseas, and because of the decentralization and no supervision in this circle, the fluctuations will be very large. It is common to double or cut in half. , and even fell directly to zero.

㈥ Will the price of bitcoin continue to rise?

Bitcoin has risen hundreds of thousands of times, and the price has been going up, although there will be twists and turns, but Continued rise is expected. Judging from the data on the Bitcoin chain of the Bichacha app, the value of Bitcoin is constantly highlighted.

㈦ Will the price of OKEX’s Bitcoin go up?

The big bear market will not go up in the short term, but it will definitely go up after buying it for two years!

㈧ Now that Bitcoin has risen so much, will it fall?

There is no commodity that only rises and does not fall or only falls, and Bitcoin is the same. But when it goes up and when it goes down, no one knows.

㈨ Will Bitcoin price rise due to halving?

Not necessarily. But the overall trend is bullish.
On November 28, 2012, BTC halved for the first time, rising from $2.01 to $1178, an increase of nearly 600 times;
On July 10, 2016, BTC halved for the second time, from $163.65 rose to $19800, an increase of more than 120 times;
It is expected that in May 2020, BTC will undergo its third halving.

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