Will the virtual currency be debited from the bank card?

① To buy virtual currency, you must use an online bank card or a general bank card

It is possible to buy and sell virtual currency with general banks and online banking. As long as the transfer is possible.

In 2014, the central bank interviewed major domestic third-party payment institutions, requesting them not to provide clearing payment services for bitcoin trading platforms. Subsequently, the online recharge of online banking, Alipay, Tenpay and other recharge methods of domestic bitcoin trading platforms were all interrupted. Some trading platforms use bank transfer to recharge, and some have developed their own recharge codes and purchased recharge codes to recharge.

At present, some domestic platforms also support Alipay recharge and online banking recharge, and the relevant information of Bitcoin cannot be mentioned in the remarks.

The well-known virtual currencies since 2013 include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Fuyuancoin, Dogecoin, Ripple and so on.

② Will the money from the bank card be deducted after using gold coins on Taobao?

It will not be deducted. When you choose Taobao gold coins, the items you bought have been prompted to deduct gold coins corresponding money. So don’t worry.

③ Do I need to deduct the money from the bank card to buy K coins?

If you bind a bank card, it needs to be deducted from your card

④ Bank Does the card count as virtual currency?

No, it’s just a currency medium. It is not easy to type, but you are satisfied with the adoption, and wish you good luck!

⑤ Will the bank card for virtual currency withdrawal be frozen?

Yes, in 2022, banks will not recognize virtual currency transactions. It is recommended not to conduct virtual currency transactions to avoid disputes. Virtual currency is a kind of Internet virtual money. Virtual coins include Q coins, U coins, network coins, bubble coins, cool coins, Warcraft gold coins, heaven coins, Shanda coupons, etc. Taking Q coin as an example, there are more than 200 million users. Industry insiders estimate that the domestic Internet already has a virtual currency market scale of several billion yuan per year, and is growing at a rate of 15% to 20%.
Extension information:
1. What is the basis for the rise and fall of virtual currency
①The value of the currency itself, there are many types of virtual currency, some of which are recognized by the market and have a certain value in themselves.
②At the policy level, if the virtual currency is supported by the government, investors will be optimistic about the market.
③Market hype, through hype, the momentum will drive the market sentiment and lead to price changes.
④The dealers control the price. Institutions with large capital use the control to deliberately increase the price.
2. Is virtual currency legal?
Virtual currency exists legally in China, but it is illegal to use virtual currency to engage in illegal activities. It is defined as a special Internet commodity in China. At this stage, financial institutions are not allowed to provide related products or services. It cannot and should not be used as currency. Altcoins such as Ritecoin and Litecoin are also applicable.
3. Can virtual currency be bought and sold at any time?
Yes, virtual currency is traded 24 hours a day, and T+0 transaction is implemented. It can be sold on the same day of purchase. Trading virtual currency needs to be traded on the digital currency trading platform. In 2022, the platforms for trading virtual currency in my country include Huobi and Binance. Virtual currency itself has no value, but the total amount of virtual currency is limited and has strong scarcity, so it has a certain speculative value. It should be noted that most virtual currency is not protected by the state, and the transaction risk is relatively high. Therefore, it is not recommended for ordinary investors to invest.
4. How to open a virtual currency account
Users only need to select any online trading website of virtual digital currency, such as Binance.com, Huobi.com, etc., and fill in the relevant information according to the page prompts on these websites. Account opened successfully. After opening a virtual currency account, if users want to trade on the platform, they must recharge the account, and then exchange the recharged money into the platform’s tokens. The tokens of each virtual currency exchange platform are different.
5. What is the difference between digital currency and virtual currency?
①The concept is different: digital currency is an unregulated digital currency, an alternative currency in the form of electronic currency, and virtual currency is an e-commerce Product, not real currency;
②Different characteristics: The issuance of digital currency has a certain quantity limit, and digital currency has no fixed issuing unit, real-name authentication is required when using digital currency, and virtual currency cannot be directly exchanged with legal currency. Or indirect exchange, but its value can be improved with development.

⑥ Will the virtual currency withdrawal bank card be frozen?

It is illegal to provide a public service platform for virtual currency trading in China according to the central bank’s policies. Situations involving digital currency transactions are still sensitive by default. Therefore, if you note words such as BTC during the transaction, according to past experience, the card is likely to be frozen by the bank.

Virtual Currency
Virtual Currency means�� Real money. There are four main types of virtual currency in the market: 1. Game currency developed by game operators for players to use as a transaction medium in online games; The special virtual currency used; 3. Interactive virtual currency that can be used in the virtual currency issuer and can be used to purchase goods and services from non-issuers; 4. Based on cryptography and modern network P2P technology, through complex mathematical algorithms Generated, a special electronic, digital network cryptocurrency.

According to the notices and announcements issued by the People’s Bank of China and other departments, virtual currency is not issued by the monetary authority, and does not have currency attributes such as legal compensation and compulsory. It cannot and should not be used as currency in the market, and citizens’ investment and trading of virtual currency are not protected by law.

The reasons why the bank card is frozen
There are generally five reasons:
1. Abnormal transactions are frozen: If the bank card is a credit card, if there are abnormal transactions such as malicious cash out, the bank card There is a high chance of being frozen by the bank.

2. The overdraft limit is frozen: the overdraft bank card is limited by the overdraft limit, which is formulated by the bank according to the actual repayment ability. Once the overdraft exceeds the limit, the bank will immediately freeze the bank card.

3. Judicial freezing: If the relevant departments need to handle the case, they can apply to the bank to freeze the bank card account under the individual’s name in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

4. The password will be frozen if the wrong password is entered: if the cardholder enters the withdrawal password three times in a row, it is wrong. The bank system will automatically freeze the bank card, and it will be automatically released after 24 hours.

5. Expired and frozen: All bank cards have an expiration date. If the cardholder does not apply for a new card after the expiration date, the bank will freeze the expired bank card.

⑦ Can the bank card be frozen if you sell all virtual digital currency in the transaction and exchange it for RMB withdrawal?

If you are deceived. The more evidence, the better. He is breaking the law, so there is definitely no problem. How to deceive must be made clear.

⑧ Is it illegal to trade virtual currency with bank cards?

Legal analysis: virtual currency trading is illegal, helping others to operate, may be suspected of illegal business crimes and other illegal and criminal acts, depending on the specific behavior and consequences. Virtual currency is not issued by the monetary authorities, does not have legal compensation and mandatory currency attributes, is not currency in the true sense, does not have the same legal status as currency, and cannot and should not be used as currency in the market. Citizen investment And trading virtual currency is not protected by law.

Legal basis: Article 16 of the People’s Bank of China Law The legal tender of the People’s Republic of China is RMB. Payment of all public and private debts within the territory of the People’s Republic of China in RMB shall not be refused by any unit or individual.

⑨ How to withdraw digital currency and the bank card will not be blocked

When withdrawing virtual currency, try to ask to check the recent flow of the payer’s bank card. You can revoke the transaction with the other party, which can relatively avoid freezing the bank card

⑩ Will the virtual currency be bound to the bank card to steal money from other bank cards?

Will not steal you For the money in the bank card, the virtual currency is bound to the bank card. The first point is to verify your identity information, and the second point is to use it for transactions, recharge or withdrawal.


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