Willing to Blockchain Original Shares

A. Is the pocc platform regulated? Is it a pyramid scheme in the name of blockchain?

Before 2019, I had not been exposed to the digital currency industry, just a novice. The foundation of the year, I also have a little bit of my own experience, and I will share with you, right or wrong. Comments are welcome.
1. Ask how many people who answered have played this POCC.
2. All items are fake at the beginning. Trust me. But in the process of doing it, it is successful.
Third, winners and losers, Bitcoin has successfully achieved a market size of $1 trillion today, if it fails, it is a liar.
Fourth, in addition to the risk of mainstream digital currency is less (not without risk), similar to Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum and so on. Other small-cap altcoins are high risk. How to determine the size or market value of a digital currency, recommend a software (non-small).
5. No need to think about supervision, there is basically no guarantee, it all depends on your own control and understanding of the project. The daring starve to the death of the timid.
6. To judge whether a project is safe, it is necessary to have a deep understanding and communicate with the team more. You have to be clear about what the team wants to do, whether to run away to raise money to raise money, or do you really want to do something!
Seven, how to judge the quality of a project?
There are roughly two points: the way to enter the market, the rate of return for developing downlines
Is it simply taking money to the project side? Is it outrageous to share the benefits of developing offline?

As far as I know, the POCC model is to spend money to buy digital currency POC, then use POC to exchange for mining machines, mining machines produce mines, and sell them on exchanges. The pattern is very similar to Bitcoin, but different. Moreover, during the transaction process, the project party does not receive the money at all, and they all buy and sell by themselves. This greatly limits the project party’s misappropriation of money. And basically a mining machine can be realized once every 6 days. It is also very secure for funds. Secondly, the development offline, you can get about 3 POCCs every day, this should not be outrageous.
1. At present, all digital currency supervision is not perfect, including Bitcoin (the originator level that has been developed for 12 years), Ethereum, EOS and other top digital currencies in the world.
2. Make it clear that you are not a pyramid scheme. You can understand POCC as a startup company. He wants to go public (make it into a big currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS). If you succeed, everyone will benefit. If you fail, you will also be rewarded. Does not affect your investment, because you can pay for it in 6 months.
3. Those who say they have been defrauded, publish their ID, or your currency holding address, and the platform will check the records for you to see if you have been deceived.
4, POCC Pippi shrimp public chain, use (non-small) to inquire about relevant information, non-small is a professional third-party information website, all digital currencies can be inquired.
5. As far as I know, there are a group of professional trolls on the Internet. First, they publish negative news to attract attention and increase their traffic. The second is to coerce the platform to ask for hush money.
6. Since September 2018, it has not lost 1 point and is still operating steadily. The benefits are always the same. Your friends have tried it, earned it, and recommended it to you. If you are still hesitating, go to the Internet to find people who have never played the project at all. As a reference, you will never make money.
7. Many people have been deceived by the blockchain and various funds, and you have heard and seen them. But you just weren’t involved.
8. Those who say pulling heads, Douyin Speed ​​Version Toutiao Speed ​​Version not pulling heads? WeChat does not pull people’s heads in the early days? Alipay does not attract people in the early stage? Does the network not pull people in the early days?
9. Any project is inseparable from fans and fans, in order to grow and continue, and fans come in only to gain, not to lose, just like stocks, those who hold original shares will earn no matter what, and those who lose are secondary market.
10. I hope those who are blindfolded and talk nonsense will experience it. Take a screenshot of BB again.

B. There are several blockchain concept stocks

The blockchain concept theme involves more individual stocks
It is recommended to log in to the stock software and query according to the concept theme to see all individual stocks
The screenshots of some of the listed companies with the top gainers on the closing day before the lunar calendar are as follows

C. Does anyone know about blockchain, original currency original shares , I heard that it is very profitable.

There is no so-called original currency. Generally, the basic currency that is used as a rhetoric is MLM currency, air currency, to learn to identify mainstream currency, see my profile

D . Is the blockchain a pyramid scheme? Is the blockchain a disguised pyramid scheme?

Blockchain is a new technology, not a disguised pyramid scheme. With any technology, it is just a fact of pyramid selling in the name of “blockchain”. The state has issued announcements many times to crack down on such pyramid selling. The following is Xinhuanet’s report on blockchain pyramid schemes:

Blockchain is not equal to virtual currency, and there are also security risks.�� Only by removing the gaudy can the blockchain return to its true application value.

The investment of 80,000 yuan will become 800,000 yuan after three months? Shenzhen police cracked a huge fund-raising fraud case. Under the guise of the blockchain concept and 10 times the income, thousands of investors were deeply involved, and the amount involved was as high as 307 million yuan. Under the “mysterious veil” of the blockchain, criminals have taken advantage of their crooked brains, and the blockchain has become a “signboard” for economic crimes such as fraud and pyramid schemes.

Why has the blockchain been repeatedly “used crookedly” by illegal acts such as pyramid schemes? In addition to “unknown”, what is the “function” of blockchain technology itself? Since the beginning of this year, with the strengthening of supervision, the cooling down of currency speculation has brought new opportunities for the development of blockchain. How is the implementation of blockchain commercial “applications”? “Lookout” Newsweek reporter recently conducted an investigation.

When the three-month “fund release period” promised by the trading platform expired and the staff began to “kick people” in the QQ group, Tang Haiyan, who lives in Bao’an District, Shenzhen, realized that she might have been deceived .

Previously, under the introduction of her classmates, Tang Haiyan invested 80,000 yuan to buy a virtual currency called “Public Silver Coins”. “The other party said that this currency is the most advanced blockchain technology at present, with Tibetan tea as collateral, and also showed me the ‘technical white paper’. I don’t understand blockchain, so I didn’t read it carefully.”

Although I don’t know much about blockchain and virtual currency, the high investment income makes Tang Haiyan full of expectations. She told reporters that the company issuing the “Plain Silver Coin” will regularly split the virtual currency at a ratio of 1 to 10, which means that each split will increase the value of the “Plain Silver Coin” in the hands of investors by 10 times. . As long as it is split once, the 80,000 yuan she invests is equivalent to buying 800,000 yuan worth of “general silver coins”, and she can get huge profits by selling it on the trading platform.

According to the rules of the trading platform, the “Public Silver Coins” just purchased cannot be traded immediately, and must be frozen on the platform for three months before ushering in the “release period”. However, when three months passed, Tang Haiyan not only did not wait for the doubled assets, but also the 80,000 yuan frozen on the platform could not be used for transactions.

“Other investors began to question the authenticity of the investment in the QQ group, and as a result, the staff of the company kicked out these investors one by one. I feel bad,” she said.

The fact also proved Tang Haiyan’s intuition. At the end of March 2018, Shenzhen police detected a huge fund-raising fraud case with a total of 307 million yuan in fraudulent funds. In this case, the Shenzhen Puyin Blockchain Group Co., Ltd. was involved in issuing virtual currency in the model of “blockchain + Tibetan tea” to extract public deposits. Tang Haiyan was one of the thousands of victims. .

Shenzhen police investigation found that the company claimed that investors could buy and sell “Public Silver Coins” on the virtual trading platform “Jubi.com” to earn the price difference

. In fact, the change in its buying and selling price is that the company used investors’ investment funds for behind-the-scenes operations, and once raised the price of “Public Silver Coins” from 0.5 yuan to 10 yuan, allowing investors to taste some sweetness. When a large number of investors entered the market, the company continuously cashed out by maliciously manipulating the price trend of “Public Silver Coin”, which eventually made the “Plain Silver Coin” in the hands of investors worthless.

Since 2018, fraud and pyramid schemes under the banner of blockchain have become a common “routine” in new criminal methods. In April 2018, Jinan police took down a pyramid selling gang under the guise of “Western Development”, “National Poverty Alleviation”, “Original Shares”, “Blockchain” and “E-commerce”, arrested more than ten main suspects, and froze the cases involved. There were more than 100 accounts and more than 300 million yuan of funds involved in the case were seized.

Jinan police introduced that Huileyi e-commerce company designed fake virtual disks on the Internet on the grounds that the country is vigorously developing the big data industry, and released so-called “treasure coins” and “precious coins” and other virtual currencies.

They first presented a certain amount of virtual currency to newly joined MLM salesmen under the guise of gifting, each priced at tens of yuan, and then increased the value of the virtual currency all the way to more than 100 yuan or even several hundred yuan through artificial manipulation Yuan, attracting people who do not know the truth to join, and finally “cut leeks” through the cyclical fluctuations of the so-called “depreciation” of virtual currency, and it goes on and on, and finally achieves the purpose of seeking illegal benefits.

In Xi’an, the local police also successfully cracked a massive online pyramid scheme under the banner of blockchain. According to the police, the criminal suspect Zheng sent out a high-paying organization to network platform administrators Zhang, Li and other 9 people. Since March 28, 2018, they have used collective pyramid schemes and online pyramid schemes as means to sell each piece at a price of 3 yuan. Selling virtual “Datang Coins” on the “Consumption Era” online platform and manipulating the appreciation rate;The gang will recruit members. According to the development and offline status of members, 28 levels of in-charge agents are set up. In just 18 days, the gang has developed a total of more than 13,000 registered members. It has been found that the case involves 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country. The funds involved in the case amounted to more than 86 million yuan.

The “Tencent 2017 MLM Situational Awareness White Paper” released by the Tencent Security Joint Lab stated that recently, various types of overseas capital, virtual currency, ICO (the initial public offering of tokens for blockchain projects) Financing) projects emerge in an endless stream, which hides many risks such as illegal issuance, false projects, cross-border money laundering, fraud, pyramid schemes, etc., resulting in a large amount of funds flowing abroad. Once it crashes, runs away or loses contact, investors often have nowhere to complain and make losses difficult recover. Such as Baichuan Coin, Mark Coin, Beta Coin, Dark Coin, etc.

Reporters from “Looking” Newsweek interviewed in Guangdong, Shandong, Shanghai and other places and learned that most people know that the concept of blockchain is very popular, but “what is unclear” is about the specific functions of the blockchain. There are different opinions: some people think that it is used for “investment and financial management” and “trading currency”, while others think it is a “major invention of the same magnitude as the steam engine”, and some entrepreneurs are even more eager to seize this “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get rich”.

Many industry insiders said that it is precisely because there are many misunderstandings in people’s understanding of the blockchain that criminals have opportunities to mislead investors in troubled waters.

First, blockchain is not equal to virtual currency. By the end of last year, the number of domestic ICO participants and the total number of transactions had doubled, a large number of digital currency exchanges fled overseas, and the proxy investment model involved more ordinary people in high-risk investments.

Many industry self-media, well-known celebrities have formed interest alliances with issuers, digital exchanges, etc., to endorse and create public opinion for the “Air Coin” project platform. In December last year, nine departments including the People’s Bank of China characterized ICOs as “suspected of illegal fundraising, financial fraud, pyramid schemes and other illegal and criminal activities”.

In the interview, many people told our reporter that the existence of tokens has built a set of rights and interests mechanism for the development of blockchain technology, and this mechanism is indispensable for stimulating the prosperity of blockchain applications. of. “The market practice in the past five years has proved that the application of blockchain without an equity mechanism is like a computer without Internet connection and a market economy without currency. The application scenarios and development speed are greatly reduced.” said an investor in Shanghai. .

Actually, the token represented by Bitcoin is only one of the earliest products to verify the blockchain technology. The development of the chain has obvious negative effects.

At present, more and more people in the industry are beginning to think about whether the development of blockchain must rely on the issuance of tokens to achieve incentives. Guo Dagang, secretary-general of the Beijing Internet Finance Industry Association, told this reporter that the so-called incentive mechanism is only a theoretical basis for the project party to issue tokens for itself.

Second, the blockchain is not a panacea, and security is at risk. The blockchain is generally considered to have three functions:

First, the data stored on the blockchain cannot be tampered with or forged, and the data has high credibility and credibility; second, The whole process of the transaction can be traced to the source, which can realize the accurate tracking of responsibility; third, the smart contract embedded in the blockchain can be automatically executed based on the contract, thereby improving work efficiency and reducing the risk of default. The industry generally believes that blockchain has broad application prospects in finance, logistics, trade and other fields.

In fact, the blockchain is not a panacea, and its functions also have many limitations. It is generally believed that according to the characteristics of its cryptography, in order to tamper or forge on the blockchain, it is theoretically necessary to control more than 51% of the nodes. When there are enough nodes in the blockchain, this trust creation mechanism with widespread participation by the public is difficult to tamper with.

However, in reality, digital currency exchanges are frequently attacked or even stolen. On June 20, 2018, the South Korean Bithumb exchange announced on its official website that the exchange was attacked by hackers, and 35 billion won, or about $32 million, of cryptocurrency was stolen.

Ji Xinhua, known as China’s first generation of “hackers”, said that the blockchain will continue to face attacks, and the process of uploading data to the chain is prone to information leakage. Some people in the industry are also worried that once the super computing power of quantum computing is realized, it will also have a direct impact on the blockchain.

Third, the popularity of blockchain is not entirely true. The data shows that from the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, more than 300 self-media mainly focused on ICO projects appeared, which has become a noteworthy abnormal phenomenon.

(4) Extensive reading of original shares of blockchain:

August 24, 2018, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission The website issued a risk warning to remind the general public to guard against the use of “virtual currency” and “blockchain”.�Illegal fundraising in name.

The original text is as follows:

“Risk Reminders on Preventing Illegal Fund Raising in the Name of “Virtual Currency” and “Blockchain””

China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, Central Net The Information Office, the Ministry of Public Security, the People’s Bank of China, and the State Administration for Market Regulation remind:

Recently, some criminals under the banner of “financial innovation” and “blockchain” have issued so-called “virtual currency” and “virtual assets”. “Digital assets” and other means to absorb funds, infringing the legitimate rights and interests of the public. Such activities are not really based on blockchain technology, but are hyping the concept of blockchain for illegal fund-raising, pyramid selling, and fraud. They mainly have the following characteristics:

First, network and cross-border are obvious. Relying on the Internet and chatting tools to conduct transactions, and using online payment tools to receive and pay funds, the risks have a wide range and spread quickly. Some criminals set up websites by renting overseas servers, essentially carrying out activities for domestic residents, and remotely controlling the implementation of illegal activities.

Some individuals claim in the chat tool group that they have obtained investment quotas for overseas high-quality blockchain projects and can invest on their behalf, which is most likely a fraudulent activity. Most of the funds for these illegal activities flow abroad, and it is very difficult to monitor and track them.

Second, it is deceptive, tempting, and concealed. Use hot concepts to hype, fabricate a wide range of “Tall Dashang” theories, and some also use celebrity V “platform” propaganda, using airdrop “candy” as a temptation, claiming that “the value of the currency only rises and does not fall”, “the investment cycle is short, High return, low risk”, which is highly delusional.

In practice, criminals illegally make huge profits by manipulating the so-called virtual currency price trend behind the scenes, setting profit and withdrawal thresholds and other means. In addition, some lawbreakers also issue tokens in fancy names such as ICO, IFO, and IEO, or use the IMO method to hype virtual currency under the banner of the sharing economy, which is highly concealed and confusing.

Third, there are a variety of illegal risks. Through publicity, criminals use “static income” (to make profits from the appreciation of currency speculation) and “dynamic income” (to make profits from offline development) to attract the public to invest funds, and to lure investors and development personnel to join, and constantly expand the capital pool. , with the characteristics of illegal fundraising, pyramid selling, fraud and other illegal activities.

This kind of activity uses “financial innovation” as a gimmick, and is essentially a Ponzi scheme of “borrowing the new to repay the old”, and it is difficult to maintain the operation of funds for a long time. The general public is requested to view the blockchain rationally, do not blindly believe in hype promises, establish correct currency concepts and investment concepts, and effectively improve risk awareness; actively report to relevant departments for clues to illegal and criminal activities discovered.

E. The great god who has insights on the blockchain will come in and give advice, and buy the original shares of the blockchain.

Unreliable, 99% of the original stock trading is a liar, and the blockchain is a liar’s nest. The two together, I am afraid the chance of encountering the real market is very small.
Note: The blockchain itself is a very good technology, and Bitcoin is only one of the most superficial expressions. However, because of the popularity of Bitcoin in recent years, there have been many things under the banner of Bitcoin or blockchain. Most of them are scams

F. Why did the blockchain suddenly become popular

The blockchain became popular! Almost no friends! Being swiped by various blockchain popular science jokes in the past few days is like talking about crowdfunding, equity, and original stocks in the past two years. Textbook Explained: An Intelligent Peer-to-Peer Network Using Distributed Databases to Identify, Disseminate, and Document Information. It is a distributed database system participated by different nodes, and it is an open ledger system.

“After the rules are set, everyone will register spontaneously” in the WeChat organization, which corresponds to the concept in the blockchain that “decentralization, no single user can control it”. The “registration in the WeChat group” in the WeChat organization corresponds to the concept of “peer-to-peer network” in the blockchain. “As long as you are connected to the Internet, you can know the latest progress” in the WeChat organization, which corresponds to the concept of “game mechanism” in the blockchain.

G. How to deceive 1 billion and then whitewash it to understand “financial management, crowdfunding, original stock, digital currency, blockchain, mutual aid finance

Cheat is cheating, the amount Too big, it is very difficult to whitewash. These projects you mentioned all exist, and there are many scams. In theory, all digital currencies are feasible, such as Bitcoin, Ritecoin, Litecoin, etc. etc. But this is all illegal.

H. The collective slump of blockchain concept stocks, and why did

the collective slump of blockchain concept stocks, mainly due to It is related to the Bitcoin crash. This round of Bitcoin has been affected by regulatory news and emergencies, and there has been a round of plummeting market prices, which has triggered a collective slump in blockchain concept stocks.�� Blockchain concept stocks Coinbase fell by more than 4.4%, Riot Blockchain fell by 8.24%, and Ebang International fell by 3.53%. Huobi, which was listed on the Hong Kong stock market, closed down 7.02% on the same day, Xiong’an Technology fell 3.7%, and Meitu fell 4.35%.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that on December 5, 2013, my country issued the “Notice on Preventing Bitcoin Risks”, which defines Bitcoin as a virtual commodity. It is clear that Bitcoin does not have the same legal status as currency, and cannot and should not be used as currency in the market. Everyone should be alert to risks and do not invest blindly.

I. How many times the value of adx group will increase in value

adx group leads the world in a new direction for sales, abey solves the problem that the blockchain cannot be applied commercially, the founder of abey Become a cooperative foundation with the founder of eth,


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