World Blockchain Conference Invitation Letter

①What is the World Blockchain Conference

World Blockchain Conference, a semi-annual world industry event in the blockchain field, aims to build a global blockchain-related industry interconnection An international platform for communication, sharing and co-governance, and creating a win-win situation.

②How to write a meeting invitation

(1) The meaning of a meeting invitation A meeting invitation is specially used to invite specific units or persons to participate in the meeting, and has the dual functions of etiquette and notification meeting papers. When the invitation letter is used for conference activities, it is different from the conference notice: the invitation letter is mainly used for horizontal conference activities, and is sent to units and individuals who are not restricted by the authority of this organ, nor are members of the organization. , generally do not have statutory rights or obligations to participate in the meeting, whether to participate in the meeting is up to the object. To hold academic seminars, consultation and demonstration meetings, technical appraisal meetings, trade fairs, product launches, etc., it is advisable to send invitation letters. The conference notice is used for conferences with a vertical relationship (that is, the sponsor and the participants have affiliation or work management relationship), or the participants themselves have the legal rights and obligations to participate in the conference, such as the people’s congress. , board meetings, etc. For the objects of these meetings, it is a responsibility to attend the meeting, so only meeting notices can be issued, and invitations cannot be used. When academic societies hold annual meetings or symposiums, distinguish between members and non-members. Group members should be notified of the meeting, and non-group members should be invited to participate with an invitation letter. (2) Basic content of the meeting invitation letter The basic content of the meeting invitation letter is consistent with the meeting notice, including the background, purpose and name of the meeting; the organizer and organization; the content and format of the meeting; method and other matters that need to be explained. (3) The structure and writing of the invitation letter to the meeting 1. title. It consists of the name of the conference and an “invitation letter (book)”. Generally, it is not necessary to write the name of the host organization and the words “about holding”, such as: “Invitation Letter to the Asia-Pacific City Informatization Advanced Forum”. The three characters “invitation letter” are the complete name of the language, and are two different languages ​​from the “letter” in the official document. Therefore, it is not appropriate to open it and write it as “Letter about Invitation to Attend XX Meeting” 2. call. There are three kinds of situations for sending the invitation letter: (1) In the invitation letter sent to the unit, the name of the unit should be written. Since the invitation letter is a ceremonial document, the title should be written in a singular form, and it is not appropriate to use a general title (collectively) to show courtesy and respect. (2) If the invitation letter is sent directly to an individual, the individual’s name should be written, the honorific word “respected” in the front, and the suffix “Mr.”, “Ms.”, “Comrade”, etc. (3) For invitations published on the Internet or in newspapers, due to the uncertainty of the target, the title may be omitted, or collectively referred to as “Yours sincerely”. 3. text. The text should state the specific content item by item. The background and purpose of the meeting should be stated at the beginning, and the title should be “specially invited to attend (attendance)”, and then transferred to the following text with a transitional sentence; the main part can be written in the form of a serial number and a subtitle; Contact contact information and contact details. You can also write “Sincerely” at the end, and then write “Salute” at the top of the line, or you can omit it. 4. Signed. Since the title of the invitation letter is generally not marked with the name of the organizer, the sign-off office should sign the name of the organizer and seal it. 5. time of writing. Write the specific year, month, and day.

③ Our company has received an invitation letter from the Asian Economic Conference, and would like to ask what this economic conference is like.

In order to achieve better development of itself, every company will make With a lot of hard work, in order to get more opportunities for your company, you will also participate in some business exchanges. Only in this case can you be recognized by others, and then you can get better development yourself. , and the Asian Economic Conference is a very good platform for many companies.

Because of this, for most companies, if they have the opportunity to join such a company, there are still many benefits. If they can seize the opportunity, they can also gain more and more benefits. More and more opportunities are coming, so everyone must pay enough attention to this economic conference, and don’t take it lightly.

Although many people may not have paid much attention to it at the beginning, after missing the opportunity, it will also make everyone feel very pity, and only by seizing the opportunity can we bring it to ourselves. Better development, but also to make their own enterprises have higher achievements.

④ What views did the special guests of the Blockchain Summit at the World Mobile Internet Conference share?

The next sentence of “Mao Fei crossing the river in the suburbs” is: “High The one who hangs the forest tip.”
This verse is from “The Thatched Cottage is Broken by the Autumn Wind”� is a seven-character ancient poem written by the great Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu during his stay in the Thatched Cottage in Chengdu, Sichuan.
Analysis: This poem narrates the author’s painful experience that the hut was destroyed by the autumn wind and the whole family was drenched in the rain. It expresses his inner feelings and reflects the poet’s lofty ideological realm of worrying about the country and the people. It is a model work in Du’s poems. . The whole article can be divided into four paragraphs, the first paragraph is about the anxiety of facing the wind and the house is broken; the second paragraph is about the helplessness of facing the group of children holding the grass; the third paragraph is about the pain of suffering from the night rain; the fourth paragraph is about the hope Building, to sublimate suffering. The first three paragraphs are realistic narratives, narrating their own suffering, and their emotions are subtly suppressed; the latter paragraphs are ideal sublimation, directly expressing the feelings of concern for the people, and their emotions are agitated. The layers of narration in the first three paragraphs have laid a solid foundation for the lyricism of the latter paragraph. Such inflectional mood changes perfectly embody Du Shi’s “depressed and frustrated” style.
August, the autumn high wind roars and rolls over the triple grass on my house. Mao Fei crossed the river and sprinkled on the outskirts of the river. The tall one was hanging with long forest shoots, and the lower one floated to Shentang Col. The boys in Nancun bullied me for being old and powerless, and I could bear to be a thief on the other side, and openly went into the bamboo. His lips were so thirsty that he couldn’t breathe, and when he returned, he leaned on the stick and sighed.
The wind is dark and the clouds are dark, and the autumn is indifferent to dark. The cloth quilt has been as cold as iron for many years, and Jiao Er is crouching and cracking. There is no dry place in the bedside room, and the rain is like numbness. After being lost and having little sleep, what is the reason for the long night’s wetness?
And there are thousands of mansions, sheltering the world’s cold people with joy, and the wind and rain are as safe as mountains. Alas! When I suddenly see this house in front of my eyes, it is enough for my house to be broken and frozen to death!

⑤ There is a speech by Wang Yongli at the blockchain conference

On the Internet, you can find it by searching for the blockchain industry conference. He still looks at the blockchain technology very positively. The popularity of chain technology in China may have surpassed that of any other country, and the views of big coffee are really beneficial.

⑥ Where and when is the World Blockchain Conference held?

WBC is the abbreviation of WORLD BLOCKCHAIN ​​CONFERENCE, the first World Blockchain Conference General Assembly.
It is a semi-annual world blockchain industry event advocated and carried out by the World Blockchain Association,
Location: Macau, China,
Time: April 22, 2018 To 24 days, a period of 3 days
This is the information I saw on the official website, I hope it will help you.

⑦ The reason why the World Blockchain Organization is not authorized to issue ICO licenses and exchange licenses

But the relevant WBO page shows, “This organization is not in consultative status with ECOSOC”, which means that the WBO has no affiliation with the United Nations.

The above-mentioned industry insiders said that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are non-governmental and autonomous, which means that such organizations are institutionally independent from the government, and they are not part of the government’s establishment. Licensing business is unheard of in the industry. The person said that in terms of the type and content of services provided by WBO, there is a big gap with NGOs, and it is more like a government supervision department.

He said that the threshold for NGO registration in the United Nations is actually very low, but there are some requirements in terms of organizational form. According to the United Nations Resolution 1296, if an NGO wants to register in the United Nations, its members must be democratically organized. Participating in organizational activities should have a democratic decision-making mechanism, should have the arrangement of the accountability mechanism and the transparency of the decision-making process, and submit information on its budget and funding sources to the United Nations.

The industry insider said that NGOs are still on the fringes of the existing international system, and their influence on major decisions is limited, but it is precisely because they can be registered with the United Nations that they are used as endorsement tools by many organizations and individuals.

It is understood that a similar NGO appeared in China as early as 2017. The organization is called the Global Asset Digital Encryption Committee (WADCC), which claims to be an international organization at the United Nations level and has become a subsidiary of the Economic and Social Commission. It is the first global super-sovereign third-party financial supervision and management organization (NGO non-governmental organization) under the Council. However, according to Synchronized Financial Inquiry, WADCC, like WBO, has no affiliation with the United Nations and is only registered with the United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs.

⑧ Will the Beijing Blockchain Conference be held on October 27?

There should be no large-scale blockchain conference in Beijing on October 27. However, on October 27th and October 28th, there will be a tech finance conference on blockchain in Shanghai.

Participating companies or teams include Wanda, DECENT, Sesame Credit, Latte Finance, Bitcoin China, etc.

⑨ How to write an invitation letter for the school commendation meeting

Hello, teacher xxx, at xx on xx, xx, xx, a commendation meeting will be held in xx place, please come and attend

⑩ Where is the “2018 Global Media Blockchain Summit” held

On the 19th of 2018, the “Global Media Blockchain Summit” was held in the Financial Hall of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The summit gathered more than 100 media and dozens of top industry experts from around the world. At the meeting, everyone�We witnessed the establishment of the Global Media Blockchain Alliance (BIMG) and the release of the “BIMG Hong Kong Initiative”, and conducted in-depth discussions on the development prospects of the blockchain, industry trends and other topics.

Professor Yu Guoming, member of the Journalism and Communication Discipline Evaluation Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council and Executive Dean of the School of Journalism and Communication of Beijing Normal University, delivered a speech at the “2018 Global Media Blockchain Summit” For the keynote speech on “The Value of Mainstream Media in the Technological Tide”

Yu Guoming said: “For the entire social communication in China and other major countries and regions in the world, including the construction process of blockchain In terms of the communication ecology in the process of development and evolution, the value of traditional mainstream media should also be indispensable. Although its share has really declined worrisomely, such responsibility and value Responsibility should be said to be very important.”

Yu Guoming further pointed out that the traditional mainstream media’s professional adherence, social status granting function and local advantages are its huge advantages. At the same time, with the development of society and Internet technology, blockchain is not only a technology, but also a way of reorganizing society to a greater extent. Yu Guoming said: “In Marx’s words a hundred years ago, it is a technological form based on a new Internet technology such as the ‘Freedom of Free People’. To a large extent, it is a new technology after the Internet technology activates individuals. A new form of upgrading and upgrading of social evolution. Such a new form requires mainstream media to play an important role in it, because in the development of a new social evolution such as blockchain, it is reflected in a system science The so-called emergent evolution, that is to say, the micro-power and micro-value released by Internet technology, a qualitative change in the development process and direction, is a qualitative turning point in social development, field development, industrial development and market development. .”

Under the witness of all the guests, the Global Media Blockchain Alliance (BIMG) was officially established at the meeting. Ding Laibin, secretary general of the alliance, pointed out in his speech that the blockchain really uses a mechanism to let people see some changes that may occur in the future, and these changes may subvert the current state and make a great leap in social efficiency. In this process, the function of the media cannot be absent. It should play a supervisory role and exert a strong supervisory role of the media and public opinion, so that investors can distinguish right from wrong.

Ding Laibin said: “The media is the public knowledge and conscience of the society, and it is the supervisor of the development of the industry. If we want to do a good job in this role, we must be close to the game and stand where we can hear the sound of cannons. If there was still a little distance between traditional media and blockchain in the past, let us eliminate this distance with today’s summit. Any company listing is not the end, but the starting point, and the same is true for many blockchain projects, starting from the beginning Development also requires a lot of disclosure and planning, so that the company can be presented to all the public and investors without reservation, and it must be open and transparent, with a beginning and an end, only in this way can the industry grow healthier and faster.”

In the “BIMG Hong Kong Initiative” released at the event, Ding Laibin called on the media to join hands and work together to create a fair and just, rule of law, integrity, vibrant, harmonious and orderly industry public opinion environment; In the information dissemination in the chain field, it is open and inclusive, disseminates advanced, encourages ecological innovation, and continuously provides high-quality, high-style and high-quality information and services.

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