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1 The world’s problems! High score reward to decipher the first level of the password!

Finished, the answer is this:
in the same hour came forth fingers of a man’s hand, and
wrote over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the
wall of the king’s palace and the king saw the part of the
hand that wrote. then the king’s countenance was changed,
and his thoughts troubled him, so that the joints of his
loins were loosed, and his knees smote one against
another . the king cried aloud to bring in the astrologers,
the chaldeans, and the soothsayers. and the king spake,
and said to the wise men of babylon, whosoever shall read
this writing, and show me the interpretation thereon,
shall be clothed with scarlet, and have a chain of gold
about his neck, and shall be the third ruler in the
kingdom. then came in all the king’s wise men; but they
could not read the writing, nor make known to the king the
interpretation thereonf. then was king belshazzar grgatly
troubled, and his countenance was changed in him, and his
lords were astonished. now the queen, by reason of the
words of the king and his lords, came into the banquet
house; and the queen spake and said, o king, live forever;
let not thy thoughts trouble thee, nor let thy countenance
be changed; there is a man in thy kingdom , in whom is the
spirit of the holy gods ; and in the days of thy father
light and understanding and wisdom , like the wisdom of the
gods, was found in him; whom the king nebuchadnezzar thy
father, the king, i say, thy father, made master of the
madicians, astrologers, chaldeans, and soothsayers;
/>forasmuch as an excellent spirit, and knowledge, and
understanding, interpreting of dreams, and showing of hard
sentences, and dissolving of doubts, were found in the
same daniel, whom the king named belteshazzar; now let
daniel be called, and he will show the Interetation. the
first codeword is othello
I will talk about the process when I have time.

Additional process:
Because there are so many words, we can start with word frequency.
The first step:
Frequency of English letters
First, search for the word frequency distribution of English letters:
High frequency letters: E, T, A, O, N, I , R, S, H
Mid frequency letters: D, L, U, C, M
Low frequency letters: P, F, Y, W, G, B, Y(v?)
Rare frequency letters: J, K, Q, X, Z
Step 2:
Determine the letter e
And then count the frequency of each letter in an original text. I won’t list the specifics. There are 1405 characters of all letters, and the letter X appears 167 times, which is much higher than the 133 times of the second-ranked T. It is almost certain that X=e. (In order to facilitate replacement, all uppercase letters in word are replaced with lowercase). Then, since both Z and S appear only once, it is a bold guess that they are x and e

. And after e is deciphered, there are words of eZ*** appearing. Generally, there are many words of ex*** in English, so Z~x and S~z are tentatively set. Because x and z do not appear many times, this estimate will not affect the population too much for the time being.
The third step
Start with short words
After e replaces X, observe that there are many words like ‘JPe’ in the whole text, it is easy to think that they are ‘the’ . So J=t, P=h.
Looking at the words with only one letter, there are 3 times ‘M’ and 1 ‘B’ in the text with one letter as words, which is almost corresponding to ‘a’ and ‘I’ as words in English of. In view of

‘I’ is usually at the beginning of a sentence when it is used as a single word, observing the positions of M and B, we can get M=a, B=i.
There is also the case of ‘R in the text. According to the English possessive usage, it is easy to think of R=s.
The fourth step
Use the existing conditions to solve the characteristic word
Because I caught a glimpse of the replaced ‘saE’, so I checked Kingsoft PowerWord, from sad/sap/sat/saw/say , excluding sat with the letter t, the adjective sad can be basically excluded according to the position of the word

And then according to the word ‘thE’ appears many times in the text, use w, p or d It cannot be used as a word, and ‘thy’ means ‘you’ in Old English, and E=y is also acceptable.
Also, after the replacement ‘iT’ appears many times, it is estimated that T~f or T~n. According to the law of word frequency and T appears up to 133 times in this article, T will not be the low-frequency letter f, so T=n.
‘anN’ in many places makes it easy to infer N=d.
Step 5
Solve the remaining high-frequency letters
Among the letters that appear more than 100 times, only C has not been corresponding, and the fourth word frequency o has not been corresponding. , it can be guessed that C ~ o, the word ‘CI’ appears many times in the text, it is estimated as ‘

of’, and the frequency of the word corresponding to f is also the same as the number of occurrences of I. Therefore it is determined that C=o and I=f.
The high word frequency still has r left, and the suffix of many words in the text is ‘-eV’, so it is judged that V=r. Multiple verifications are also possible.
Step 6
Gradually solve the remaining letters
Find W=g from the suffix ‘-inW’, get Y=w from the two ‘Yrote’, get Y=w from the ‘Hnown’ and ‘Hing’s’ to get H=k.
The rest is simple: G=l, Q=p, U=u, K=q, A=c, L=m, F=b, D=v.
The last remaining O~j.
Step 7
It is found that some words are wrong, the ‘zoints’ and ‘belshajjar’ that appear once are not words, try to replace ‘z’ and ‘j’, just That’s right, and the latter is a biblical noun

, as well as Old English thy and thee. It should be fine. So in the end O=z, S=j, and then determine the previous Z=x. It’s over.

(2) Please tell me what information is needed to register a company and what information is needed to apply for a business license

The company registration process is as follows: name search (determine the company name) → open Account verification → capital verification (completion of the company’s registered capital verification procedures) → signature (customers go to the industrial and commercial office to verify the signature) → apply for business license → apply for organization code certificate → apply for tax registration certificate → apply for basic account and tax account → apply for tax registration → apply Tax type approval → stamp duty business → taxpayer identification → tax payer identification → invoice subscription procedures.
The information required for registering a company is as follows:
1. Approval of the company name
The first step: After consultation, get and fill in the “Name (Change) Pre-Approval Application Form”, “Investor Authorization and Entrustment” Opinions”, and prepare relevant materials at the same time;
The second step: submit the “Name (Change) Pre-Approval Application Form”, the investor’s ID card, some alternate names and related materials, and wait for the name approval result;
The first Step 3: Receive the “Notice of Pre-Approval of Enterprise Name”.
2. After confirming the company’s residence
After renting a house, a rental contract must be signed, and it is generally required to use the same standard rental agreement of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and ask the landlord to provide a copy of the real estate certificate and a copy of the landlord’s ID card. The housing provider shall issue the following certificates according to the ownership of the house:
(1) If the housing provider has a property certificate, it should attach a copy of the property certificate and stamp the copy with the official seal of the property rights unit or by the property owner. signature.
(2) If there is no property right certificate, the superior of the property right unit or the property certificate issuing unit shall explain the situation in the column of “Requirement for Certification” and seal it for confirmation. “In the column, sign the opinions agreeing to conduct business at the location, and affix the official seal.
(3) The property rights are military real estate, and a copy of the “Military Real Estate Leasing License” stamped with the special seal of the Real Estate Administration of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army should be submitted.
(4) If the house is a newly purchased commercial house and has not undergone property rights registration, a copy of the house purchase contract signed by the house buyer or stamped by the house buyer, and the pre-sale house license stamped with the official seal of the real estate developer, A copy of the house completion acceptance certificate.
(5) The housing provider is an enterprise approved by the administration for industry and commerce with the right to lease and operate, and can directly affix the official seal in the column of “Housing Provider Certificate”, and at the same time issue a business license affixed with the official seal of the enterprise Photocopies, no longer require a certificate of title.
(6) If the residence is changed into a commercial building, and it is an urban housing, the “Registration Schedule – Residence (Business Place) Registration Form” and the relevant documents issued by the local residents’ committee (or owner’s committee) shall also be submitted. Proof that the interested owner agrees to change the house into a commercial house; if it is a non-urban house, submit the relevant certificate stipulated by the local government.
3. Form the Articles of Association
You can download a sample of the “Articles of Association” from the website of the Industry and Commerce Bureau, and you can modify it. The articles of association are signed and dated by all shareholders at the end.
4. Time limit for applying for a company business license
The license can be obtained within 5 working days after the application is accepted.
Documents and certificates to be submitted for the establishment of a limited liability company:
(1) “Application for Enterprise Establishment Registration” (including the “Application for Enterprise Establishment Registration”, “Unit Investors (Unit Shareholders, Persons) Directory”, “Natural Person Shareholders (Initiators), IndividualsList of Investors and Partners of Partnership Enterprises, Payment of Investors’ Registered Capital (Registered Capital, Capital Contribution), Registration Form of Legal Representatives, Certificate of Appointment of Board Members, Managers and Supervisors, Domicile Certificate” and other forms);
(2) Articles of Association (submit a printed copy, please sign by all shareholders; if there is a legal person shareholder, the official seal of the legal person unit must be affixed);
(3) Capital verification report issued by a statutory capital verification institution;
(4) Notice of Pre-Approval of Enterprise Name and List of Investors in Pre-approved Name;
(5) Certificate of Shareholder Qualification;
( 6) “Designation (Entrustment) Letter”;
(7) If the business scope involves pre-licensing projects, the approval documents of the relevant approval departments shall be submitted.

The materials that individual industrial and commercial households need to provide are as follows:
1. The original and a copy of the ID card; ), the original and photocopy of the lease contract; 3. One photo of the certificate.
4. If there are business items that belong to the pre-registration administrative license in the business scope, submit copies of relevant licenses and approval documents with seals.

5. Engraving the official seal

With the business license, go to the engraving agency designated by the Public Security Bureau to engrave the official seal, contract seal and financial seal. In the following steps, the official seal or financial seal is required.
6. Apply for code certificate
Enterprise legal person code registration office: Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau window for processing
Time limit: 4 working days after acceptance
Provided materials:
( 1) The original and photocopy of the duplicate of the business license;
(2) The official seal of the unit;
(3) The original and photocopy of the ID card of the legal representative (the non-legal entity shall submit the original and photocopy of the ID card of the person in charge);
(4) Collective, state-owned units and unincorporated units submit a copy of the code certificate of the superior competent department; (5) The unit’s zip code, telephone number, number of regular employees; (6) The original and copy of the person’s ID card.
7. Apply for tax registration certificate
What to do: tax registration (to be processed within 30 days from the date of obtaining the business license)
Location: the window of the tax registration authority
Provided materials: ” “Individual economy” may not submit the following materials (2), (4) and (5)
(1) The original and photocopy of the business license;
(2) The original and photocopy of the enterprise legal person organization code certificate;
(3) The original and photocopy of the legal representative’s ID card;
(4) The photocopy of the financial officer’s ID card;
(5) The original and photocopy of the company or enterprise articles of association;
(6) ) Copy of real estate certificate or lease agreement;
(7) Seal;
(8) Enterprises transferred from other areas must provide the tax payment certificate (tax settlement form) of the original registration authority;
(9) Other relevant materials required by the tax authorities.
8. Opening a basic enterprise account
Open a basic account with the bank with the original of the business license, the original of the tax registration certificate, the original of the organization code certificate and the legal person ID card, official seal, special financial seal, and legal person seal. Open the basic account and go to the original capital verification bank for capital verification account cancellation.

References: http://ke..com/link?url=VTrNYe_1UcjuE7oiKykI_hkXrP7ew62NEupYRBlP9Y3Qkg5dl_

⑶ How to get Ripple XRP, can it be mined


Ripple coins cannot be obtained through mining. Only by participating in the WCG project can Ripple coins be obtained. According to the contribution value, the corresponding amount of Ripple coins will be obtained, which is different from BTC and Ethereum. The price of XRP fluctuates little, I usually don’t play it, but now I think it is more valuable to play eCell coin.

⑷ How to use the new fantasy Zhuxian novice card

Don’t ask for this one that doesn’t send a star baby. Go to the Sina Novice Card Collection Center to get the star baby.

⑸ How to get Ripple

Because Ripple labs official does not care about the price of Ripple, and does not want people to make the price of Ripple in the short term through speculation The price of Ripple has been greatly increased, but it is hoped that people will slowly accept Ripple by understanding the ripple protocol, so the price fluctuation of Ripple may be smaller than that of other virtual currencies, but in the long run, its price Can.

⑹ How to get ripple coins

Bitcoin has created a legend of network virtual currency, but now it is more and more difficult to mine bitcoins. Friends can try the Ripple coin, so how to get the ripple coin? Green Tea brings you the ripple coin mining method for your reference.

XRP is issued by RIPPLE, so it cannot be obtained through mining. RIPPLE’s wallet is on the official website, so you don’t need to download the client, just go to the official RIPPLE registered account to have it wallet.

⑺ Why do I always receive “github account to do tasks, get 30 yuan for free” recently.�� Such information.

Ripple’s official website is currently engaged in activities, github accounts that meet certain conditions can receive 2020 ripple coins (a virtual currency like Bitcoin), which can be converted into RMB 78 at the current exchange rate (can be found at Discount directly on RippleCN and RippleChina), so don’t be deceived and pay for the number of people, exchange it for yourself and have fun.

PS The github account requirements for receiving ripple coins are as follows:
We’re giving away 2,020 XRP (as a tribute to tomorrow’s Ripple Developer Conference at Money2020) to GitHub account holders who have at least one public code-writing activity before May 1, 2013, 00:00:00 UTC.
Official announcement: https://ripple.com/blog/git-in-the-game-2020-xrp-giveaway-for -github-users/

I believe that those who have a github account and are eligible to receive it should be easy to find the way to receive it

⑻ How to get XRP, you can mine it Mine?

Ripple coins cannot be obtained through mining. Only by participating in the WCG project can Ripple coins be obtained. According to the contribution value, the corresponding amount of Ripple coins can be obtained. This is similar to BTC and Ethereum. different.


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