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① What is the price trend of Ripple in 2020?

The sharp rise and fall of digital currency is closely related to three aspects:
1. The number of investors (participating players). Only when more players participate, will this digital currency have the internal motivation to continue. Ripple has a large amount of issuance, and there is more room for appreciation, and more high-quality and powerful investors are needed to join.
2. Influenced by the global (international and domestic) investment environment. We all know that digital currency investment is a high-risk investment or speculative investment. If the real estate industry or other fields develop steadily, I believe that many investors will still choose the latter investment. If the stock market, real estate, futures and other fields pick up in 2020, I believe that the bear market in the digital currency field will continue, but the periodic small rises and falls need to be grasped.
3, bookmakers, large investors control disk. Ripple has a large amount of issuance, and it is unlikely that a big dealer will control the market, but it is a fatal injury to digital assets with a small amount of issuance.
Ripple can be said to be the currency with the most stable ups and downs in the currency circle at present. There is no big ups and downs. The trend in 2020 depends on the investment environment. At present, the overall economic development is relatively decadent, and the currency circle should not have too much It is also a good choice to grasp the stage in a timely manner. The above are just personal opinions and not for investment reference.

② Where can I buy Ripple coins now

Ripple coins can now be bought and sold on many trading platforms. In addition to Ripple coins, Domain Kingdom also has There are currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, and they can be invested in the form of contract transactions, that is, it is no longer just to buy low and sell high according to the market price, and to judge the direction of ups and downs.

③ Is XRP worth investing in? Is there a great chance of XRP appreciation in the future?

Compared with other digital currencies, Ripple is relatively stable, and the price fluctuations will not be too large. Recently, I am more optimistic about the future value of eCell coin.

④ The price trend of Ripple

Ripple has long been concerned by virtual currency investors. 0.15 yuan, but then due to various reasons, the price of Ripple fell sharply last month, falling below 0.02 yuan. Then at the end of 2013, with the skyrocketing price of Bitcoin, the price of XRP once reached more than 0.5 yuan. At the beginning of 2014, because JED, the co-founder of Ripple labs, the operating company of Ripple, announced that he would polish all 9 billion Ripple coins he held within 2 weeks, which caused great panic in the market, and the price of Ripple coins was quickly suppressed. Below 1 point, reaching an all-time low. Later, because JED and Ripple Labs reached a sell-off agreement, the price of Ripple was stabilized at around 3 cents during the first half of 2014. In November 2014, as more and more banks and financial institutions announced their support for the ripple protocol, its price was hyped up again, reaching a maximum of 0.18 yuan. By March 15, 2015, its price had dropped to around 0.07 yuan.
It should be noted that since Ripple labs is trying to promote the ripple protocol, it does not care about the price of Ripple, but hopes to gradually increase the value of Ripple through the promotion of ripple.

⑤ Does XRP have investment value?

Ripple has the same nature as Bitcoin, both are virtual currencies, when someone It is valuable when it is fried. If one day the big boss makes enough money and sells it in large quantities, it is basically the same as waste paper at that time. Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when buying virtual currency.

A good trading platform is supervised and managed by banks. Just like the supervision of FSP and NFA, the realm where client funds are deposited by HSBC Hong Kong is undoubtedly reliable and optional.

(5)xrp recently expanded reading:

Because Ripple labs official does not care about the price of Ripple High and low, I don’t want people to make the price of Ripple rise a lot in the short term through hype.

So the price fluctuation of Ripple may be smaller than that of other virtual currencies, but in the long run, its price will gradually show up with the development of the ripple protocol, but any investment All are risky, and it is recommended that you invest rationally and make reasonable judgments about their value.

Reference: Network – Ripple

⑥ What is Ripple XRP

Introduction: a protocol issued by Ripple Coin, the base currency of the Ripple network, it can circulate in the entire Ripple network, the total amount is 100 billion, and gradually decreases with the increase of transactions, Ripple is the only general currency in the ripple system, which is different from the ripple system. For other currencies, Ripple is operated by RippleLabs (formerly OpenCoin).
Issue time: 2011
Maximum supply: 100,000,000,000XRP
Current total circulation: 39,029,011,631XRP
Transaction Volume Share: Currently 10.1% of the cryptocurrency market.
Market Cap: $44, 270, 765, 264

⑦ What is the situation of XRP?

It is estimated that the price will change after the shipment is in mid-July There are adjustments, which are inseparable from the international economic situation. I am not optimistic about the economic trend in the second half of the year, such as the increase in China’s trade tariffs.

In non-small, whether it is the circulating market value or the circulating number, Ripple (XRP) is very impressive. It is also recommended that you use a non-trumpet to observe the latest situation.

⑨ How to mine Ripple

Ripple (ripple/xrp) cannot be mined, but recently ripplelab team (ripple lab team) participated in the WCG project (By contributing their remaining computer computing power, solve some scientific research calculations such as cancer, AIDS, etc.). You need to get involved, and ripplelab will give away a portion of Ripple XRP based on your contribution.

Ripple is the basic currency of the ripple network. It can circulate in the entire ripple network. The total amount is 100 billion, and it will gradually decrease with the increase of transactions. The operating company of Ripple is ripple labs ( Its predecessor was opencoin).

Ripple is the only general currency in the ripple system, which is different from other currencies in the ripple system. Other currencies such as cny and usd cannot be withdrawn across gateways. In other words, cny issued by a gateway is only You can withdraw cash at gateway a. If you want to withdraw cash at gateway b, you must convert it into cny of gateway b through the pending order function of the ripple system before you can withdraw cash at gateway b. Ripple has no such restrictions at all, it is universal within the ripple system.

Ripple (xrp), like bitcoin, is a digital currency based on mathematics and cryptography, but unlike bitcoin, which has no real purpose, xrp has the main bridge currency and guaranteed security in the ripple system The function of ensuring security is indispensable, which requires that gateways participating in this protocol must hold a small amount of xrp.

(9)xrp recently expanded reading:

Because Ripple labs officials do not care about the price of Ripple, and do not want people to make Ripple through hype The price of Ripple has been greatly increased in the short term, but I hope that people will slowly accept Ripple by understanding the ripple protocol, so the price fluctuation of Ripple may be smaller than that of other virtual currencies, but in the long run , its price will gradually appear with the development of the ripple protocol, but any investment is risky. It is recommended that you invest rationally and make a reasonable judgment on its value.

Reference: Network – Ripple

⑩ Where to buy Ripple and what platforms to buy Ripple

There are many trading platforms now There are also Ripple coins available for trading. In addition to Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum and other virtual currencies can be traded in the Domain Kingdom, and it is all about simply judging the direction of price rise and fall.


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