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❶ be aware Koreans of the chinese

Just a typo. Should be aware of the Chinese Koreans beware of those Chinese Koreans.

❷ cad2008 registration activation code, serial number 000-00000000, application number UPXF YERZ 06U6 XRP3 0ND9 YGSJ

New serial number: 666-98989898
Select-input activation code-paste activation code: ZV69 KTCH 7HW0 1YP3 7PEW TDX0 4Q86 3FYG Y57Z XP43 3T1T JZKP CE6V P7PN AT94 AX1F AZZX

❸ Seek cad2008 Activation code! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Serial No. 000—00000000 Application No. QXRP 0RY6 Y6RH PFP3 DJTR LU87

You should activate it yourself, the activation of version 08 is very easy, it can be done in one minute, if you can’t, you can look at the pictures and texts here Activation tutorial, and the download address of version 08: http://hi..com/xingyingx/home
The last article. . . . . . .
Be careful to change the serial number when activating. . . .

❹ How can Ripple offline wallets be stolen

Since the announcement of Ripple, several Ripple users reported account theft. The most, 1.7 million XRP was stolen, with a market value of 170,000 yuan.

A Ripple Wallet is a safe that holds the Secret Key of your account. The Secret Key is the only and all credentials to access your Ripple account funds! The username/password you use to log in is just the key to open the safe of the Ripple wallet. Once you lose your wallet (safe deposit box), your username/password is a key that cannot be found in the lock and is useless. If you didn’t manually record the Secret Key at the beginning, woohoo, you broke the money. In addition to the Secret Key, the wallet also stores the contact information you created yourself.

Every time you log in, your browser generates a hash value with the username/password you entered, and use this hash value to match and read your online wallet or local wallet. Then locally, decrypt your wallet with the username/password and take out the Secret Key. In subsequent communications with the Ripple network, all data is signed via the Secret Key. This process design ensures that you do not need to disclose your username/password and Secret Key to any party (rippled server and online wallet server).

Finally remind you: the user name and password of the Ripple account must not be the same or familiar with other websites such as forums and gateways. Remember!

Ripple security needs to be improved. , I also replaced 3 wallets for this before. There is really no good way at present, and the ripple password is very likely to be cracked by huge profits. The following are some information collected by the author on the Internet to prevent passwords from being cracked, for reference only.

1. Please try to set a long password. Please try to set a long password that is easy to remember. You can use complete phrases instead of single words or numbers as your password, because the longer the password, the less likely it is to be cracked.

2. Try to insert symbols in words. While attackers are good at searching for words in passwords, don’t give up on words when setting up passwords. But you need to insert symbols in your words or change to diacritics. Such as: “just for you” can be improved to “just4y_o_u”

3. Please do not show your account in your password.

Please do not use your personal information as the content of your password. Such as birthday, ID number, relative or partner’s name, dormitory number, etc.

Tips: If your password is 123456, you can type like this, first type 456, then use the “←” key (or mouse pointer point) to get the cursor to the head and type 123.

Or 56 and then hit 1234 or 6 12345. Anyway, don’t lose in the normal order, it will never be stolen. Of course, you can also enter it in the virtual machine, which is more secure.

❺ I don’t have the software to flash the phone, what should I do?

http://bbsimg.imobile.com.cn/bbsattviewcache.php?f==&n= &t= This URL is the Thunder download address of the flashing software

❻ What is xrp financial management?

1. Log in to the ZB account and click on the “Leverage Financial Management” navigation “I want to manage money” in the column.
2. Fill in the wealth management amount and interest rate, select the number of days for lending and the security password of funds, and click “OK”. (Auto lending: Turn on automatic lending, and the system will automatically lend according to the recovered loan)
3. Successfully released investment information. You can view your investment information on the loan page and wait for the borrower to borrow.
Personal reminder: financial management also has risks, so you need to be cautious and try to choose financial management within your own acceptance range

❼ Who knows where to download the jazz in L6


L6 comes with ringtone download

The test can be downloaded
File name: AUDIO.rar
File size:1.01MB
File type: WinRAR archive
Location: D:\Desktop\Know\
URL: http://bbsimg.imobile.com.cn/bbsattviewcache.php?f=&n =QVVESU8ucmFy&t=
Reference page:
Task creation time: 2008-2-3 19:23:14
Task completion time: 2008-2-3 19:23:47
Download time: 00:00:30
Average speed: 34.63KB/s

❽ what is xrp

xrp is Ripple is the basic currency of the Ripple network. It can circulate in the entire ripple network, with a total amount of 100 billion, and will gradually decrease with the increase of transactions. The operating company of Ripple is Ripple Labs (formerly OpenCoin).

Ripple is the only general currency in the ripple system. It is different from other currencies in the ripple system. Other currencies such as CNY and USD cannot be withdrawn across the gateway. In other words, the CNY issued by gateway A is only You can withdraw cash at gateway A. If you want to withdraw cash at gateway B, you must convert it into CNY of gateway B through the pending order function of the ripple system before you can withdraw cash at gateway B.

(8)XRP3 Forum Extended Reading

Ripple enables small businesses to receive remittances from customers in seconds, regardless of the customer where on earth. Today, Ripple can transfer money from a consumer’s credit card to a small business’s bank account in just 3 days. This fast payment feature is very helpful in managing the daily cash flow of a business.

Because Ripple’s transfer fees are negligibly low, in order to remain competitive, credit card companies will likely reduce their transfer fees, which will allow smaller companies to spend less on this. Credit card transaction fees are extremely unreasonable for small businesses these days. Large companies can get more concessions, but small companies can’t enjoy the same treatment.

Reference source: Network – Ripple

❾ Kneeling and begging “The Evil 3” Baidu cloud free online viewing, directed by Takeshi Kitano

Link: https://pan..com/s/1fsyUddxz3AxRpdSuta8tjQ

Extraction code: 6arf
The Final Chapter of “The Ultimate Evil 3 アウトレイジ”
Director: Takeshi Kitano
Screenwriter : Takeshi Kitano
Starring: Takeshi Kitano, Nishida Toshiyuki, Ming Gundamo, Kwangishi Ken, Hakuryu, Nakamura Yuji, Shiomi Sansho, Matsushige Toyo, Tsuda Kanji, Osugi Ren, Harada Yasuo, Hasegawa Kikohiko, Ikeuchi Hiroyuki, Ishihara Kazukai, Kishibe Ide, Mizuchi Kiyomizu, Hongu Taifeng, Nishina Takahiro, Omori Nanto, Shogen Yuta, Taki Masaki, Yamaguchi Shoyuki
Genre: Drama, Action, Crime
Production Country/Region: Japan
Language: Japanese, Korean, English
Release Date: 2017-09-09(Venice Film Festival), 2017-10-07(Japan)
Film Duration: 104 minutes
Also known as: Outrage: Final Chapter, The Final Chapter (Hong Kong), The Final Chapter (Taiwan), アウトレイジ3, Outrage: Final Chapter, Outrage Coda
After the criminal policeman Kataoka was shot and killed, Otomo (played by Kitano Takeshi) went to Jeju Island under the protection of the South Korean agent, Chairman Zhang (played by Jintian Tokino). This pole, far away from the Japanese rivers and lakes, had a conflict with the Hualing Society’s young Zhuang faction Hanada (played by Pierre Taki) due to an incident. At this time, the Hualing Club is led by Nomura (played by Osugi), the son-in-law of the former chairman, and Nishino (played by Nishida Toshiyuki), the elder of Ruotou, does not buy the account of this layman at all. Therefore, the resentful Nomura plotted to use the “Jeju Island Incident” to eliminate Nishino and blame Chairman Zhang, but who knew it soon turned into a big war of chasing and killing each other’s leaders. During the war, the fallen mountain king will plan to rise again, and Otomo, who wants to avenge his younger brother, also brings Ichikawa (played by Nanto Omori) and others to Tokyo. Dayou, who upholds the heart of benevolence and righteousness, will bring a bloody storm to this greedy underworld Shura field…
This film is the final chapter of Kitano Takeshi’s “extremely evil” series trilogy.


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