Yancheng trx wave field ecological case

I Is the trx ecological platform credible

Is the trx ecological platform credible? Tron (TRX) was originally just a copy-and-paste air coin, but Justin Sun will market and rub off on hot spots and pull the market, until the air coin has become a currency with a market value of 100 billion, and then cashed out more than 10 billion. It is easy to do things with money. After getting rich, a lot of recruiting and buying companies, including the acquisition of BitTorrent company, just turned Air Coin into a luxury project with ecological support. This kind of project is made by playing tricks, and the essential purpose is to cut leeks. Xiaosheng Relying on wisdom, victory depends on morality. According to Justin Sun’s character project, he can only score 3 points. This kind of person is not worthy of trust and investment.

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TRX is What coin? TRX is also known as TRON. The full name of TRX in English is TRON. It is listed on 106 trading platforms such as OKEx. TRON is committed to promoting the decentralization of the Internet and is committed to building infrastructure for the decentralized Internet. Its TRON protocol is one of the world’s largest blockchain-based decentralized application operating system protocols, providing high-throughput, high-expansion, and high-reliability underlying public chain support for decentralized applications running on the protocol.

TRON also provides better compatibility for Ethereum smart contracts through an innovative pluggable smart contract platform. And better compatible with Ethereum’s smart contracts through the innovative pluggable smart contract platform. It can not only meet the demanding requirements of high concurrency, low latency and massive data transmission of applications such as online decentralized entertainment, but also give ordinary Internet users the best decentralized user experience. Developers can use the TRON protocol and virtual machine to develop applications for themselves and the community, use smart contracts for distributed crowdfunding, and issue digital assets. The TRON protocol has already run decentralized applications including Peiwo APP, Obike, Uplive, game.com, Kitty live, Mico, etc., with more than 100 million active users in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

Since July 24, 2018, TRON has acquired BitTorrent Inc, an internet technology company located in San Francisco.

Is Ⅱ trx TRON official? What other coins can I buy?

This should be no problem, I recommend you to choose some well-known ones such as Ethereum, eCell Coin, etc. Address celletf.io

Ⅲ Does TRX ecological TRON return the capital?

TRX ecological TRON is just a blockchain currency system.
In essence, it is to create a currency system, and use virtual currency to exchange players’ real money.
Theoretically, you can exit as long as you find the next acquisition.
But when you talk about “capital”, I am afraid that you have encountered illegal fundraising based on the concept of TRX ecological wave field…
Illegal fundraising, it is very difficult to get out of the body.. ….

Is IV trx the same as trc20?

There is a popular argument recently!
Everyone is saying, now DEFI, public chain, this track has been completely blocked, and there is no more chance
I have watched some articles in the self-media in this recent paragraph
All It is full of emotions and arguments: it is said that the only public chain in the future is Ethereum, and other public chains, including EOS and TRON, can only have one idea, and there is no way to survive

For this view, if you have enough independent thinking ability, you only need to think deeply and critically to find that it is not tenable at all!
For example:
15 years ago, everyone thought that Nokia had completely dominated the world, and no one could shake Nokia’s dominance in the field of mobile phones, but everyone’s vision and thinking were limited at that time.
In the field of science and technology, even Apple, Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent, and JD.com
In fact, everyone has a sense of crisis inside, and they all know that evolution and change are fast, and it is entirely possible for the latecomers to catch up.
How can it be said that ETH has completely won?
Today, I feel that there is a potential competitor that is very powerful and lethal, and may compete with Ethereum in the future!
This is the latecomer: TRX

In fact, there are too many discussions about the right and wrong of Justin Sun in domestic forums
But in fact, everyone has a lot of opinions about Justin Sun. Judgment is still unfair. If an entrepreneur like Lao Sun is abroad, such as the United States
Lao Mei will think that Justin Sun is a successful entrepreneur and highly praised, such as Justin Sun’s Twitter in the United States There are a lot of fans, and everyone still recognizes Lao Sun
But the image of Lao Sun in China seems to be the impression of a liar who cut other people’s leeks and went to the United States, but it is very different
In the currency In the circle, there are more people who are more chaotic than Justin Sun
In fact, Justin Sun is still recognizingThose of us who are really working on projects, those of us who have held TRX for a long time have not lost money at all, and have made a lot of money for about three years.
Why do you say that Justin Sun’s TRON is actually very potential? And maybe there will be more than 50 times increase?
Many people speculate that it may be the reason for DEFI, such as TRON’s JUSTSWAP JST and these ecological bonuses
In fact, it is not! !
Not at all! !
Not at all! !

In the ecology of Justin Sun’s TRON, there is actually a super trump card that everyone has ignored — a trump card that has been seriously ignored! !
The following content I will explain in detail the greatness of this USDT TRC 20

Currently USDT is available in four public chains :
They are:
USDT OMNI on the BTC public chain
USDT ERC 20 on the ETH public chain
USDT EOS on the EOS public chain
USDT TRC20 on TRON TRX public chain
Anyone who has used USDT in Bitcoin and Ethereum knows how expensive the fees are!
How fast, how slow is the speed inside! !
But if you have experienced USDT TRC20 on TRX, you can objectively speak your conscience
This is still a very conscience, very smooth and silky experience
Here: we often say in the currency circle None of these public chains have practical applications and they are all speculating on the concept. USDT can be said to be a real and real demand. Is it a real application? Why do you say that the USDT on TRX is more lethal?
An iron law is once again: the one who wins the diaosi wins the world! !
It’s like the world already has Apple, Samsung and Huawei
But Xiaomi also has a big market! Because whoever has the dick wins the world!
With JD.com, Taobao and Tmall in the world,
Pinduoduo also has a huge market, because the diaosi are in the world, and
The market value of Pinduoduo now completely exceeds that of JD.com
If there is a huge market for stablecoins in the future, because the vast majority of users are still diaosi
The diaosi effect of TRX’s USDT can also attract a large number of users, and the more users sink, the more users
The explosive power in the later stage may be stronger! !
This is not a hype at all, but a real application

On the basis of the strong application of USDT, the DEFI JUSTSWAP and other ecology and the matrix of BTT JST are superimposed again. With the addition
I believe that TRON should be a very strong opponent of Ethereum in the future
According to the current price of TRON, it is indeed still very low
In the event of a bull market, come one A 50-fold increase should not be difficult, because the following logic is too hard:

USDT TRC20 gets Diaosi who wins the world
Diaosi users are the majority
USDT ERC20 these are too expensive Too slow
USDT is fast and cheap
TRX projects in other matrices will have a bonus effect such as: BTT JST, etc.
If you continue to use the decentralized finance on the ETH main chain If you do, you will have to pay a huge handling fee
But none of these old leeks in our currency circle are fools
Will go and pay more in vain
It is easy to come up with a In conclusion, everyone in these new leeks and old leeks who want to make money will rotate
The next air outlet that is not blown up, there is no congested network

The public chain world
Now there are only three heroes who can make waves in decentralized finance

And when
Ethereum’s network After it is completely blocked
One transaction will cost about 0.5 Ethereum
This kind of fee is not affordable for human beings
I am more optimistic about the king of the year – the pain in everyone’s heart
Grapefruit EOS!!
What’s the reason?
Let’s listen to me in detail
I will tell you why at this point in time, it is time for EOS to show its power
First of all, EOS adopts
DPOS, a consensus mechanism, although it is ridiculed and criticized by everyone The degree of centralization is too high
However, the effect in saving handling fees is basically unparalleled
Everyone who has used MYKEY and a series of other applications on grapefruit will be satisfied with this silky smoothness The experience is very happy
EOS will surpass Ethereum’s DEFI is a high probability
Because the ecology will also be migrated and adjusted
Wait for the right opportunity to be in moderation Reasonable leaps occur in practice
This is really what it looks like
For DEFI, everyone realizes more and more that handling fees are extremely important! !
Therefore, in the future
time, I believe that the project that can save the handling fee for everyone will be favored
It is grapefruit! !
A particularly important reason:
Bihu’s MYKEY will become a huge main driving force in the back

Everyone, now many DEFI players are playing on mykey, and they really experience Very good
And both Bihu and MYKEY are built on EOS.The important application of �� For example
Bumper harvest DFS!
We see a large number of people playing Big Harvest, isn’t this all because of Bihu’s credit?
And the whole experience is very smooth and comfortable, which is much more comfortable than on uniwsap
br />From the point of view of ease of use and ease of use, EOS’s decentralized finance can be said to have won the agenda
So what is the last extremely important reason?
That is:
EOS has been underestimated and bearish for a long time
Potential energy has been accumulated and squeezed for a long time, and the follow-up is really huge space
EOS has been complained about , BM and BB have been insulted by everyone for a long time.
This is a sign that emotions have bottomed out. In fact, it is the rhythm of rebounding. Can you call the police if you are deceived by pyramid schemes?

Our law clearly stipulates that any form of pyramid selling activities is prohibited. If you are deceived by TRX people, you should of course call the police and ask the public security organs to investigate and deal with the pyramid selling. organizations to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

Ⅵ Have you noticed that TRX has stopped a lot, tell me why?


I don’t know the price
At least it won’t run away for no reason

VII Which is better to invest in BTT or TRX

TRON takes promoting the decentralization of the Internet as its mission and is committed to building infrastructure for the decentralized Internet. Its TRON protocol is one of the world’s largest blockchain-based decentralized application operating system protocols, providing high-throughput, high-expansion, and high-reliability underlying public chain support for the operation of decentralized applications on the protocol. And better compatible with Ethereum’s smart contracts through the innovative pluggable smart contract platform. It can not only meet the demanding requirements of high concurrency, low latency and massive data transmission of applications such as online decentralized entertainment, but also give ordinary Internet users the best decentralized user experience.

VIII Hello, is the current TRX currency a scam?

TRON TRX is a scam! How many people’s hard-earned money has been robbed of us! Please relevant departments strictly investigate and punish them and ban them! Avoid more people being deceived! Everyone, please retweet! Debunking the tricks of TRX and other coins to deceive people!

IX trx price today

1. The price of trx today is unstable.
2. Another thing that will happen to Tron in 2020 is that Tron will be partnering with BitTorrent for their upcoming project. It’s a safe bet that this thing will develop in the coming months. Also, experts say that after this project, the price of Tron will increase by at least 50% and TRX will start to return to the top coin in the market again. Most marketers predict that TRX has the potential to hit $1 by the end of 2020, if all goes in its favor. But according to our analysis of the Tron price forecast in 2021, the TRX price is expected to exceed 1.98 RMB by the end of 2021. At present, the price of TRX is 0.1168 US dollars, and the total market value has accelerated to break through all the way, reaching 11.9 billion US dollars, with a 24-hour increase of 11.26%.
3.TRX coin, the Chinese name is TRON coin, it was created by the former chief representative of Ripple Greater China, Justin Sun. Since its establishment, the goal of TRX is to promote the decentralization of the Internet. As a decentralized TRX Coin, the Chinese name is TRON Coin, which was created by Justin Sun, the former chief representative of Ripple Greater China. Since its establishment, TRON’s goal has been to promote the decentralization of the Internet. As a decentralized content protocol, its data More freedom, more content empowerment, and more complete infrastructure construction. These features have enabled TRON to develop rapidly in just one year. As of 15:30 on July 16, 2021, TRON’s The circulating market value has reached 4.13 billion US dollars, and its 24-hour trading volume is 1.083 billion US dollars, ranking 21st in the global digital currency.
Expansion Information
Is TRX Coin Worth Holding for a Long Time?
TRX coins are not worth holding for a long time. TRON, with a total design of 100 billion tokens, is known as one of the three major public chains in the world, and adopts the DPOS consensus mechanism. The industry has mixed opinions on TRON, which can be seen from the following aspects, such as the temporary construction of the project technical team, and the difficulty of the project landing. In addition, there is no innovation and bright spot in technology, and it is difficult to compete with EOS and Ethereum. And the project wants to get rid of policy supervision and achieve user freedom of speech will be greatly hindered. The final project development cycle is as long as 9 years, and there are many uncertain factors. Although TRON is not suitable for investors to hold for a long time. However, based on the strong marketing ability of TRON founder Justin Sun and the high concentration of chips, it is not impossible to pull the price up again at a certain point in the short term.

Will the Ⅹ bags coin collapse?

The popularity of “mode coins” has made more coins start to follow the path of the model, and it will instantly reset the market Ignite. But in this market, the situation is changing, and many speculators have swung their scythes to the leek who became rich overnight. Block Tianyan has sorted out the currency circle projects that collapsed this year, hoping to get everyone’s attention.

The first place in the collapse project: Flash Chain SHE

Flash Chain was still conducting a large-scale publicity in April, when the model currency was in full swing, and Flash Chain SHE said that it was listed on the Huobi Exchange , If there is a reliable cx team, Jin Hui, the founder of Flash Chain SHE, will personally stand for the cx team, and will receive and explain the project, and publicize on the Internet that the model is static combination, ten days round, the monthly income is as high as 28% —45%, 5% of the dynamic direct push award, repeated in each round, and the management award is up to 15 generations. From the lowest price of 0.00277 to the highest price of 0.25, it has increased by more than 30 times. With such a high increase, a large number of unreasonable leeks have become After entering the market, SHE started his harvesting journey. It is reported that the leaders of the leading teams of SHE have lost contact, the project has collapsed, and the founder may run away.

Crash project Second place: Yu Lingxiong KHT

As a MLM locust Yu Lingxiong, he issued two MLM coins in January, and each made hundreds of millions of dollars. Walking bears, “Yu Lingxiong” has disappeared and is no longer talked about in the currency circle, but at the beginning of this year, “Yu Lingxiong” appeared in front of the public again and began to enter the STO. This time the sto product is KHT, which is obviously “” Yu Lingxiong’s new way of harvesting investors. At present, KHT has also returned to zero, and Yu Lingxiong is still at ease in Cambodia.

The third place in the crash project: Metamorphic Miner BTMC

The game “Metamorphic Miner”, which claims to be one of the important projects in the so-called BTMC Foundation ecology, is Game imported from Singapore by BTMC Foundation. No one thought that the BTMC project would have problems so quickly, but from the beginning of June last year to April 24 this year, a total of 10 months, some early speculators did make some money by pulling down the line, But the third and fourth batches of people in the back also suffered losses, including some leaders!

Fourth place in the crash project: ZBTC exchange ran away It is also a monopoly of four high-profile projects. Newton of Huobi Prime Phase II, Matic of Binance Phase IV, PCI of Huobi Korea Prime Phase I, and Drep of Gate Phase II are just ok cloud of building blocks. A large number of leeks, unfortunately, the leeks did not wait to get rich, and waited for the exchange to run directly.

The fifth place in the crash project: PLUS TOKEN crash

Why can this kind of pediatric trick deceive you. A business model with low profits or even losses, but with huge profits and multi-level high returns, will not escape the suspicion of capital stock because of the addition of the “blockchain” attribute. PlusToken is destined to collapse! “plustoken wallet” is just wearing the recently hot “blockchain” vest, under the guise of innovation, to deceive investors, but in fact, it still has three pyramid selling characteristics of charging entry fee, developing offline, and level remuneration, which is typical MLM activities. PlusToken wallet is a game similar to a fund disk, although many regions have defined it as an illegal pyramid scheme fraud project, but at present, participants are still crazy to participate due to high profits. Some members of the project team have been arrested by Hangzhou police.

Crash Project No. 6: Polkadot Wallet Crash

The Polkadot Wallet once advertised its relationship with TRON, and TRON officials neither deny nor admit it, but it has no chance After half a month of unprovoked maintenance, it ran away. Although it started operations again under pressure, more than 340 million TRX were withdrawn in less than 24 hours, which may be a major negative for the price of TRX.

7th place: TRON Super Community Crash Wrist suicide, hundreds of thousands of investment, and millions of people are there. It’s not the traders who make money. I think that the official TRON should come out and remind everyone of the dangers of the project, but many members are under Sun Ychen Weibo. When I left a message, I couldn’t get any reply. After the project collapsed, Boss Sun came out to refute the rumor. The relationship was ambiguous. He almost turned a blind eye. TRX made him feel sick!

The eighth place of the crash project: USDTex exchange ran away , to tempt you with higher returns. Deposit one and return four, and release 2.5% every day. This Bobby everyone��To calculate how high it is. For example, if I deposit 1000usd and return 4000usd to him, 2.5% per day is 100, and if you calculate how many days you can get back, it is a round-robin routine.

The ninth place crash project: EOS ecological crash

EOS is a capital disk project wrapped with the concept of blockchain. The model is the same as the dividend disk, holding currency to earn interest. The EOS ecosystem pretends to be a pyramid scheme of EOS super nodes. In the name of “LT Huaxia Capital” and under the banner of “EOS Global Super Alliance”, it pretends to be a super node, claiming that voting can pay dividends. Using the routine of capital trading to fool investors, as the time is ripe for the EOS ecosystem to expand, traders also directly shut down the network and run away.

The tenth place of the crash project: MORETOKEN crash

MoreToken Smart Rabbit CDF Wallet Multi-currency integrated storage, no need to care, no matter what coins you have, deposit MoreToken Smart Rabbit CDF Wallet, no matter how the market goes up or down, you have benefits. As long as the smart rabbit system is turned on, there is no need for manual supervision. No matter how the market changes or how the price fluctuates, the smart rabbit will always choose the best algorithm to make profits. However, when investors invested in it, the official MoreToken Smart Rabbit claimed that the server was hacked, resulting in data confusion and the wallet could not be opened. Then the official closed the network and ran away


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