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⑴The group history of GAIN GROUP

GAIN Capital Group, also known as GAIN Capital Group, is an independent foreign exchange trading service provider.
Gain Capital Group is the most respected online trading company in the foreign exchange trading industry. The company provides services to institutional investors, professional money managers and professional foreign exchange traders through GAIN Capital. GAIN Capital Group is pleased to offer its trading platform and professional services to individual investors through .
The GAIN Group is an outstanding independent foreign exchange trading service provider, with services including direct market entry trading and asset management. Founded in 1999 by a group of senior Wall Street professionals, Jiasheng Group has become one of the largest and most respected companies in the industry, serving fund managers, commodity trading consultants (CATs) in more than 140 countries around the world. and various clients including individual traders.
The size and financial strength of Jiasheng Group underpin our mission: to provide our clients with cutting edge technology, best execution, outstanding customer service and full financial security. The company is the largest futures trader (FCM) – foreign exchange trader in terms of both the total volume of published trades and the total number of clients with open positions. GAIN Group’s monthly trading volume exceeds $100 billion – a volume higher than any other foreign exchange dealer FCM has reported. In addition, GAIN Group has several times more clients with open positions than any other foreign exchange dealer, FCM. The company’s many achievements in growth and advancement include being named a 2003 “Growing Company of the Year” by the New Jersey Tech Association and a 2002 designation by the Eastern Tech Association – a Philadelphia-based consortium of approximately 1,000 technology companies “Startup Company of the Year”. In 2004, the company was selected by the authoritative foreign exchange magazine Foreign Exchange Weekly (FX·WEEK) as the most accurate bank and institution for forecasting the foreign exchange market. GAIN Capital American GAIN Group won the double champion of monthly forecast and quarterly forecast with the smallest error with the actual market. This is also the first time that a non-bank professional foreign exchange institution has won this honor. (The participating institutions include world-class foreign exchange trading banks such as Citibank, HSBC, JP Morgan, and non-bank foreign exchange institutions such as Jiasheng. In addition, Jiasheng Group’s property rights trading platform was awarded “Global Finance” magazine** Best Online Forex Trading System” award. Voted “Best Forex Retail Platform” in 2008 by Profit & Loss magazine readers. And for three consecutive years (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009), it was rated as the “Best Forex Broker” (2008) in 2008 by the authoritative financial magazine “Technical Analysis of Stock and Commodity Futures”.
In 2010, Jiasheng Group acquired the retail foreign exchange business of MG Financial Group.
With more than 100 years of capital market operation experience, the management of Jiasheng Group provides foreign exchange transaction and Internet technology and the know-how in reliable traceability records to manage large-scale, global trading operations. This extensive experience, combined with the proven ability to successfully manage a 24/6 business with rigorous risk management and operational procedures, instills a high level of trust and confidence in our clients.
April 1, 2015 GAIN Group completed the acquisition of City Index
April 1, 2015, Bedminster, New Jersey/PR Newswire — GAIN GROUP CO., LTD. ( NYSE: GCAP) announced today that it has completed the acquisition of City Index (Holdings) limited. The latter is a leading online trading company specializing in contracts for difference (CFDs), foreign exchange and UK spread betting.
The combination of Forex Group and City Index will create a leader in the global online trading industry, and will jointly operate two market-leading brands, namely FOREX.com, a top brand in the global retail foreign exchange industry, FOREX.com, a subsidiary of FOREX. CFD and spread betting brand City Index. The combined company will have more than $1.1 billion in client assets and an annual transaction volume of more than $3 trillion.

2 How to operate Tianyuan currency

Edit Tianyuan currency
Tianyuan currency is a new type of digital currency. Based on the Internet, it is stored in the computer system in the form of electronic data, and the currency of circulation and payment functions is realized in the form of electronic information transmission through the network system. Its purpose is a new exploration of payment currency in the future social and economic development process.
Tianyuan coins are obtained in the form of issuance and subscription, not the mining mode like Bitcoin, Litecoin and other digital currencies. The total number of Tianyuan coins is 100 billion. Its issuing agency does not belong to the central bank, but is produced by Chongqing Tianyuan Xianbao Technology Development Co., Ltd. through the mining pool, and then issued in installments and users subscribe to obtain Tianyuan coins.
Chinese name
Tianyuan Coin
Digital Currency
Time of Issue
September 26, 2014
3Media reports
4Development prospects

1 IntroductionEdit
Definition: Tianyuan currency is a new type of digital currency, which is based on the Internet and stored in the computer in the form of electronic data It is a currency that realizes the functions of circulation and payment in the form of electronic information transmission through the network system. Its purpose is a new exploration of payment currency in the process of future social and economic development.
How to obtain: Tianyuan coins are obtained in the form of issuance and subscription, not the mining mode like Bitcoin, Litecoin and other digital currencies. The total number of Tianyuan coins is 100 billion. Its issuing agency does not belong to the central bank, but is produced by Chongqing Tianyuan Xianbao Technology Development Co., Ltd. through the mining pool, and then issued in installments and users subscribe to obtain Tianyuan coins.
Issue method: The Tianyuan currency trading platform adopts a limited range of trading methods to ensure that the value of Tianyuan currency is not controlled by the strong market, and to ensure the orderly growth of the value of Tianyuan currency!
The subscription price of the first stage is 0.01 yuan, the free trading range is between [0.01 yuan – 0.09 yuan], and the free trading price shall not be lower than 0.01 yuan, and shall not be higher than 0.1 yuan;
The second stage of issuance The subscription price is 0.1 yuan, the free trading range is between [0.1 yuan – 0.99 yuan], the free transaction price shall not be less than 0.1 yuan, and shall not be higher than 1 yuan;
The subscription price of the third stage issuance is 1 yuan , the free trading range is between [1 yuan – 4.99 yuan], the free trading price shall not be less than 1 yuan, and shall not be higher than 5 yuan; Between 5 yuan and 9.99 yuan, the free transaction price shall not be lower than 5 yuan, and shall not be higher than 10 yuan; the subscription price of the fifth stage issuance is 10 yuan, and the free trading range is [10 yuan—19.99 yuan] In between, the free transaction price must not be lower than 10 yuan, not higher than 20 yuan;

And so on, the price of Tianyuan coin continues to rise with the issue price, and the Tianyuan currency after entering the next issuance and subscription stage coin, the price will never be lower than the current lowest price!
Development history:
September 2014 Tianyuan’s official trading platform was officially launched and opened to the outside world.
January 2015 Tianyuan Global Strategic Development Committee was established.

2 Evaluation editor
Because digital currency is still in a blank stage of supervision in China, there are no specific financial regulations to supervise digital currency suppliers, so they use their own operate in a regulated manner. Digital currency providers are not banks, so banking regulations do not apply. The biggest risk of Tianyuan coin comes from changes in national policies.
According to Xinhuanet, on November 5, 2014, the Internet Virtual Currency Seminar was held in Beijing with the theme of “Virtual Currency Development Strategy Choice in the Background of Internet Finance”. Luo Kaifu, vice chairman of the Chinese think tank China Economic Frontier Decision Advisory Center, Yu Jianguo, researcher of the Macroeconomic Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, Zhang Xu, deputy dean of the School of Marxism at Renmin University of China, Hu Meijuan, editor-in-chief of Xinhua News Agency “Financial World” magazine, etc. Experts and scholars attended the meeting. The participating experts discussed a series of opportunities, challenges and regulatory risks faced by the government in the development of virtual currency under the current Internet finance background.
Experts at the meeting generally expressed that in today’s rapid development of Internet technology, the emergence of a large number of virtual currencies has brought a great impact on the traditional monetary economic system, while the public’s cognition of virtual currencies still remains at the opportunity of high returns on sexual investment products. Under the market economy, new things such as virtual currency cannot be one size fits all. It is necessary to accumulate experience in development. While strengthening proper communication between R&D institutions and government departments, gradually establish corresponding rules and procedures to crack down on the use of virtual economic systems for illegal transactions. On the basis of this, to ensure that the virtual currency system will move towards a healthy development path in the future. [1]
1 Less foam. Since the issuance of digital currency is easily affected by price fluctuations, the transaction mode of Tianyuan currency adopts the mode of installment issuance, and the growth of its value is related to the number of currency holders, thus ensuring that the price of Tianyuan currency issued in each phase can meet its true value. There will be no economic bubble.
2 The risk is small. Since the transaction stipulates that the minimum transaction price and the maximum transaction price are set for each range of transactions, the price fluctuations are prevented, and the big players are prevented from using their own financial strength to smash the market.
3 Easy to participate. Compared with digital currencies such as Bitcoin, which can only be circulated in the hands of a few people due to their high market price and scarcity, Tianyuan coin has a low entry threshold and a high degree of participation of ordinary people.And permanent repurchase, users are more free to move in and out after participation.
1 The trading platform is fragile. The trading platform of Tianyuan Coin is just a website, which is vulnerable to adjustments due to hacker attacks or the influence of national policies.
2 is not accepted. Since digital currency is a new concept of the Internet economy, ordinary people still pay more attention to the value of banknotes, and they cannot fully understand the future development trend of Tianyuan Coin, and the resistance of traditional financial practitioners makes the promotion of Tianyuan Coin more difficult. .

3 Media report editors
Whether virtual currency entrepreneurship can go from dark to dawn (photos)[2]
Tianyuan currency opens up a new way to make money on the Internet[3]
The new model of Internet finance – the era of Tianyuan wealth change has quietly come[4]
Will the birth of the next Internet miracle after Ali be Tianyuan Xianbao[5]

4Development Prospects Editor
Beijing time on the morning of March 9, 2014, Google creative director Jared Cohen (Jared Cohen) said at the SXSW conference this week that digital cryptocurrencies similar to Bitcoin will be long-term exist. [6]
From December 12th to 14th, the Sanya·Finance and Economics International Forum was grandly held. There was a very eye-catching sub-forum theme at the conference, “Digital Currency – From Information Network to Value Network”. This also marks that digital currency has finally begun to enter the mainstream vision.
This morning, the guests who participated in the keynote speeches of the sub-forum included Wu Xiaoling, former deputy governor of the Central Bank, current member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, deputy director of the Finance and Economics Committee, Wang Yongli, former vice president of Bank of China, and vice chairman of China Wanxiang Holding Group. Xiao Feng, Li Lin, founder and CEO of Huobi.com, Sand Qian, author of “Unowned Currency: 2014 China Digital Currency Research Report”.
Wu Xiaoling, former deputy governor of the central bank, now a member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and deputy director of the Finance and Economics Committee, expressed his views on digital currency. She said: “Algorithmic currency only solves the problem of credit, but if there is no supply adjustment mechanism suitable for economic demand, it cannot solve the problem of currency fluctuations. It can become a financial product and financial asset, but it cannot be a good one. Currency. However, the coexistence of legal currency and private currency is the normal state of human society. Private currency in digital form can coexist with legal electronic currency. The distributed information technology of open source sharing has created the Internet of information, and we can also use this technology to transmit Digital currency can complete value transfer with low cost and high efficiency.”
When an audience asked whether blockchain technology could replace legal currency, Wu Xiaoling said that a country would not allow legal currency to be replaced by digital currency.
Wang Yongli, former vice president of Bank of China, said that the Internet clearing system dominated by Internet companies has gradually formed, and Alibaba Double 12 has impacted the traditional clearing system. When talking about the exploration of super-sovereign currency, Wang Yongli said that Internet currency systems such as Bitcoin and Ripple need to be verified and worth exploring. The future trend of currency development may be super-sovereign virtual currency.
After Xiao Feng, Vice Chairman of China Wanxiang Holding Group, discussed the development of digital currency from the perspective of economic and financial theory, as the only entrepreneur in the development of the digital currency industry at the conference, the founder and CEO of Huobi.com Li Lin showed the relevant data of the industry. At present, the market value of bitcoin is about 30 billion yuan, and the number of merchants accepting bitcoin has reached about 100,000. In addition, he also said that digital currency and bitcoin technology are still in the early stage of development. There will be an explosion in the next few years. Li Lin also echoed Wu Xiaoling’s point of view. He believes that encrypted digital currency is an inter-generational technology that deserves the attention and research of traditional financial institutions. It will greatly improve the efficiency of current traditional financial institutions.
Regarding the regulation of digital currency, Sand Dollar believes that the state starts with taxation regulation, but my country’s current new technologies cannot be protected and served by the state. [7]

⑶ How about Suzhou Yibojia Software Technology Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Yibojia Software Technology Co., Ltd. was incorporated on 2016-01-29 A limited liability company (invested or controlled by a natural person) with its registered address at 6F 623-629, Block B, Aoyang International Plaza, Tangshi Street, Yangshe Town, Zhangjiagang City.

The unified social credit code/registration number of Suzhou Yibojia Software Technology Co., Ltd. is 91320582MA1MF1P026, the corporate legal person is Jiang Jinchen, and the company is currently in business.

Suzhou Yibojia Software Technology Co., Ltd.’s business scope is: computer software research and development, sales; network technology development and related technical services, information technology consulting services; corporate marketing planning, computer graphic design, exhibition Display services; sales: electronic products, computers and accessories, stationery, office supplies; value-added telecommunications services. (For projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments).

Suzhou Yibojia Software Technology Co., Ltd. invested 0 foreign companies.�� company with 1 branch.

Check Suzhou Yibaijia Software Technology Co., Ltd. for more information and information through Aiqicha.

⑷ How Bitcoin is Calculated

In order to understand the technical principles of bitcoin, you first need to understand two important cryptographic techniques: HASH code: convert a long The string is converted into a fixed-length string, and the conversion is irreversible, that is, it is impossible to guess the original string from the HASH code. SHA256 is mainly used in the bitcoin protocol.
Public key system: Corresponding to a public key and a private key, keep the private key in the application, and publish the public key. When A transmits information to B, it can use A’s private key to encrypt the information, and B can decrypt it with A’s public key, which ensures that a third party cannot pretend to send information from A; at the same time, when A transmits information to B, it uses B’s public key to decrypt it. The key is encrypted and sent to B, who then decrypts it with his own private key, which ensures that a third party cannot eavesdrop on the communication between the two. The most common public key system is RSA, but the bitcoin protocol uses the lliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm. What’s the difference between cash and bank accounts? bitcoin is electronic currency, and the unit is BTC. Also used in this article to refer to the entire bitcoin system. Like opening an account in a bank, the corresponding concept in bitcoin is an address. Everyone can have one or several bitcoin addresses, which are used to pay and receive money. Each address is a string starting with 1, such as I have two bitcoin accounts, and. A bitcoin account is uniquely determined by a pair of public key and private key. To save the account, you only need to save the private key file. Unlike bank accounts, banks will keep all transaction records and maintain the book balance of each account, while bitcoin transaction records are jointly maintained by the entire P2P network through a pre-agreed agreement. How much money is in my account address? Although software using bitcoin can see the current account balance, unlike a bank, there is no one place to maintain the book balance of each address. It can only calculate the account balance in real time through all historical transaction records. How do I pay? When I pay from address A to address B of the other party, the payment amount is e. At this time, both parties will announce the transaction information to each network node, telling address A to pay address B, and the payment amount is e. In order to prevent a third party from forging the transaction information, the transaction information will be encrypted with the private key of address A. At this time, the network node that receives the transaction information can use the public key of address A to verify that the transaction information is indeed sent by A. Of course, the trading software will do these things for us, we only need to enter the relevant parameters in the software. What will the network node do after receiving the transaction information? This is the most important part of the entire bitcoin system and needs to be elaborated. For the sake of simplicity, only the currently implemented bitcoin protocol is used here. In the current version, each network node will save all transaction information through synchronization. All transaction information that has occurred in history is divided into two categories, one is “verified” transaction information, that is, the transaction information that has been verified, which is stored in a series of “blocks”. The information of each “block” is the ID of the previous “bock” (the ID of each block is the HASH code of the block’s HASH code) and the newly added transaction information (see an actual block). The other category refers to the transaction information that has not been “verified”, and the transaction information just paid above belongs to this category. When a network node receives new unverified transaction information (maybe more than one), since the node saves all the transaction information in history, it can calculate the book balance of each address at that time, so as to calculate the Whether the transaction information is valid, that is, whether there is sufficient balance in the payment account. After removing invalid transaction information, it first takes out the ID of the last “block”, then combines these unverified transaction information with the ID, plus a verification code to form a new “block”. The above construction of a new block requires a lot of computing work, because it needs to calculate the verification code, so that the above combination becomes a block, that is, the first few digits of the HASH code of the block’s HASH code are 1. Currently, the first 13 bits are required to be 1 (approximately, not sure about the specific method), which means that if the block is generated by the enumeration method, the average number of enumerations is 16^13 times. Using CPU resources to generate a block is called “gold mining”, because the production of the block will get a certain reward, and the reward information has been included in the block. When a network node generates a new block, it broadcasts it to other network nodes. However, this network block may not necessarily be accepted by the network, because there may be other network nodes that produce blocks earlier, only the earliest block or subsequent blocks.The more block is valid, and the remaining blocks are no longer used as the initial block of the next block. How does the other party confirm that the payment is successful? When the payment information is distributed to the network node, the network node starts to calculate whether the transaction is valid (that is, whether the account balance is sufficient to pay), and tries to generate blocks containing the transaction information. When a total of 6 blocks (1 direct block and 5 subsequent blocks) contain the transaction information, the transaction information is considered “verified”, so the transaction is officially confirmed, and the other party can confirm that the payment is successful. A possible problem is that if I pay the balance in address A to address B, and at the same time pay to address C, if only the single-bit transaction is verified, it is valid. At this point, my way of cheating is to generate 6 blocks containing only B and send them to B, and generate 6 blocks containing only C and send them to C before the truth is revealed. Since the CPU time I need to generate the block is very high, compared to the whole network, the probability of my success in cheating is very small. What is the motivation for network nodes to produce blocks? As can be seen from the above description, in order to make the transaction information valid, the network node needs to generate 1 and 5 subsequent blocks to contain the transaction information, and such block generation is very CPU-intensive. How to get other network nodes to help produce blocks as soon as possible? The answer is very simple. The protocol stipulates that the address that produces the block will be rewarded with BTC, and the transaction fee promised by both parties. At present, the reward for producing a block is 50BTC, and it will be halved every four years in the future. For example, between 2013 and 2016, the reward is 25BTC. Are transactions anonymous? Yes and no. All BITCOIN transactions are visible, we can check all transaction records of each account, such as mine. But unlike the banking monetary system, everyone’s account itself is anonymous, and everyone can open many accounts. Overall, the so-called anonymity is not as good as claimed. But there is another benefit of bitcoin for black market transactions, it cannot be frozen. Even if the police can trace a bitcoin address, there is no way to do it unless the computer used by the exchange is traced based on the network address. How to ensure that bitcoin does not depreciate? In general, the value of a currency is inversely proportional to the amount of currency issued when trading activity is comparable. Unlike traditional money markets, where the central bank can determine the amount of money to be issued, there is no central issuer in bitcoin. Only by producing blocks, a certain amount of BTC currency can be obtained. Therefore, the new increment of bitcoin currency is determined by: 1. The speed of block production: The bitcoin protocol stipulates that the difficulty of producing a block is fixed at an average of 2016 blocks every two weeks, and one block is produced in about 10 minutes. Moore’s Law, where CPU speeds double every 18 months, doesn’t speed up production blocks. 2. The number of rewards for producing blocks: Currently, each block produced is rewarded with 50 BTC, which is halved every four years. In 2013, the reward amount was 25 BTC, and in 2017, the reward amount was 12.5 BTC. Combining the above two factors, the speed of bitcoin currency issuance is not controlled by any single node in the network node. Its protocol makes the currency stock known in advance, and the maximum stock is only 21 million BTC

⑸ Is Jiahe online auction reliable?

Jiahe online auction is relatively reliable, and its reputation is still good. The items in Jiahe’s online auction are jointly identified by a number of luxury jewelry appraisers. Generally, the possibility of counterfeit goods is relatively low. Jiahe online auction appraisers are relatively authoritative in the industry. They deal with various items every day, and the auction transaction rate and identification accuracy rate are high. Therefore, it is less likely that Jiahe will auction fakes online. Hi Group also promised that once a fake product is found, it will pay first, and if it is fake, it will pay three.

Jiahe Online Auction is launched by Shanghai Shizhuang Information Technology Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive mobile Internet platform that integrates genuine sports trend equipment trading, sneaker fashion brand identification, and interactive picture community. Pincangte adds authentication services on the basis of the traditional e-commerce model, and introduces a shopping process of first identification and then delivery.

⑹ Accounting treatment of scrapped vehicles

1. Transfer the book fixed assets to clear up:

Debit: fixed Asset disposal (original value—accumulated depreciation)

accumulated depreciation

credit: fixed assets

2. Disposal expenses incurred from scrap:

Debit: liquidation of fixed assets

Loan: bank deposits (or cash on hand)

3. Income from sale from scrap, compensation from insurance companies, etc.:

Debit: bank deposits

Credit: liquidation of fixed assets

4. Net losses on carry-over and liquidation:

Debit: non-operating expenses

Loan: Liquidation of Fixed Assets

Disposal of scrapped vehicles shall be subject to VAT according to the “Notice of the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation on Several Issues Concerning the Implementation of VAT Transformation and Reform in the Nation” (Cai Shui No. 170 ) and the “Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation on the Applicability of Low Value-Added Tax to Some Goods””Notice on the Collection of Value-Added Tax Policies with Simple Methods” (Cai Shui No. 9) stipulates that:

The sale of used fixed assets by small-scale taxpayers, and the sale of used fixed assets by general taxpayers belong to Article 1 of the Interim Regulations. Article 10 stipulates that fixed assets that cannot be deducted and whose input tax has not been deducted can be levied value-added tax according to the simplified method. However, scrapped cars are not actually used fixed assets.


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