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❶ Energy Security Ten Wind Power Ten Photovoltaic t Listed Companies in Smart Grid

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❷ Zhejiang University of Media and Communications Huace What is the situation of the Film Academy

Abstract Hello, Zhejiang Media Institute Huace Film Academy is jointly established by Zhejiang Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Bureau, Zhejiang Media Institute, Tongxiang Municipal People’s Government, and Huace Film and Television Group. The first pilot unit of mixed-ownership undergraduate education reform in China was officially approved by the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government in February 2017. With a total investment of 580 million yuan, the college will build a comprehensive film and television practice training park in terms of teaching and training facilities and equipment, equipped with a 5,000-square-meter studio, film and television base and specialized teaching and training venues.

❸ Who came up with the concept of the Metaverse

Born in the 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche”
The Metaverse is the use of technological means A virtual world that is linked and created, mapped and interacted with the real world, and a digital living space with a new social system. [12]

The metaverse is essentially the process of virtualizing and digitizing the real world, which requires a lot of transformations in content production, economic system, user experience, and physical world content. However, the development of the Metaverse is gradual, supported by shared infrastructure, standards and protocols, and is finally formed by the continuous integration and evolution of numerous tools and platforms. It provides an immersive experience based on extended reality technology, generates a mirror image of the real world based on digital twin technology, builds an economic system based on blockchain technology, and closely integrates the virtual world and the real world in the economic system, social system, and identity system, and allows Content production and world editing per user. The term metaverse was born in the 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche”, which depicted a sprawling virtual reality world in which people were controlled by digital avatars and competed with each other to improve their status, and by now, the description The future is still ahead of the world. Regarding the “metaverse”, the more recognized source of thought is the American mathematician and computer expert Professor Verno Wench. In his novel “Real Names” published in 1981, he creatively conceived of a brain-computer interface to enter and Get a virtual world of sensory experience. In December 2021, it was selected as the “Collins Dictionary” 2021 Hot Words; on December 6, it was selected as the “Top Ten Internet Terms in 2021”. On December 8th, he was selected as one of the “Top Ten buzzwords in 2021” by “Bite Words” Zhejiang Edition Media
Industry attributes of the broader market correction: my country has entered a well-off society. After material prosperity, cultural demand has become a rigid demand for stable growth. The overall performance of the publishing and media sector is stable. This is reflected.
The company is located in the developed area of ​​Zhejiang and is one of the top 50 companies in the world. It is the most dynamic company in my country’s publishing and media industry. It has a rare layout of the entire production chain. It not only has a fixed teaching aid business, Xinhua Bookstore business, but also has its own copyright. And digital transformation is also at the forefront of the country, with good growth. The 2021 interim report shows that net profit will increase by 43% year-on-year, indicating that it has entered the fast lane of development.
The population policy is liberalized to the third child, and cultural and educational expenditures account for a large proportion of life consumption, which ensures the medium and long-term development space of the entire industry. As an industry leader, the company will reflect higher growth.
From the perspective of the supply side, the current domestic methanol plant operating rate is around 70%, which is relatively high. The superimposed winter natural gas-to-methanol and coke-oven gas-to-methanol plants are limited, and the possibility of methanol plant starts to increase again in the short-term is less likely.
Expansion information:
I. Judging the trend of the market
The market is the comprehensive performance of all stocks in the market. The stocks in the market generally follow the general trend of the market and rise and fall, and only a very small number of stocks may Running against the market. Therefore, after judging that the broader market has basically bottomed out, investors must look for individual stocks that have bottomed out first.
2. How to see that a stock can’t fall.
1. After the market and individual stocks have been falling for a long time, there have been signs of stabilization. The daily K-line has formed a double bottom. The right side has started to increase the volume, once the neckline is broken, you can pay attention.
2. After the market and individual stocks have been falling for a long time, there have been signs of stabilization. The daily K-line has formed a head-and-shoulders bottom, and the right shoulder has begun to increase volume and has broken through the neckline. Do pay attention.
3. After the market and individual stocks have been falling for a long time, there have been signs of stabilization. The daily K-line has formed an arc bottom shape, and it has begun to moderately increase volume recently, so you can pay attention.
Three, no matter how big the transaction is, you can’t change the market trend
No matter whether you participate or not, the market still works. She won’t care if you made or lost before, she won’t care about you.�What is the cost, it will go up if it should go up, it will go down if it should go down, and it will work together.
When doing stocks, you need to look at the overall situation. If the market is not good, the probability of being wrong is high. Too much emphasis on opportunities is greed. Never try to outperform the market. Being smart and being in harmony with the market is the key; the success of the market is not made by the main capital, but the main capital that follows the trend and guides first. Once the market develops as predicted, the first-mover advantage will speed up the strengthening of the trend.
Fourth, limit-down test orders
Usually, the dealer suddenly suppresses the stock price when the weather is calm, until the limit falls, and then allows the stock price to develop naturally, in order to test the willingness to hold shares and the trend of undertaking orders.
Limit-down test has the dual functions of test and wash. In terms of operation, it is mainly to hit the market with large orders. The purpose is to test the strength of the lower-level buying power.

❺ Is Gravity Media a Metaverse?

Consultation Record · Answered on 2021-11-18

❻ Top 10 Leading Stocks of Metaverse

1. Hubei Radio and Television
Hubei Radio and Television Information Network Co., Ltd. is a company mainly engaged in cable television operations, operating the province’s cable digital Investment and operation management of TV industry; development and application of cable digital TV technology
Vairui Technology, a subsidiary of the company, was established in 2016 and is engaged in R&D, integration and application of VR/AR technology and services. Network and platform advantages, create a radio and television VR/AR ecosystem and industrial chain, and provide VR/AR application services and high-tech information services.
II. Digital Government Communication
Beijing Digital Government Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in software development and sales.
The company’s Metaverse platform system has recently obtained a software copyright certificate.
3. Alto Electronics
Skyworth Digital Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research, development, production, sales, operation and service of digital TV intelligent terminals and software systems and platforms.
The layout related to the Metaverse is mainly. On the one hand, in the aspect of intelligent hardware entrance, the company will continue to invest resources to further develop the VR intelligent terminal series in depth. In 2022, the 6-DOF VR hardware with folding optical solution will be launched. Terminal; on the other hand, in terms of content ecology, the company will increase investment in games, education and medical care in the future, and introduce related cooperation content.
4. Jebsen Co., Ltd.
Beijing Jebsen Century Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in new media copyright operation, film and television content production and distribution, audio and video technology services and digital education cloud platform construction.
The company participates in Shiyou Technology. The content of Shiyou Technology’s official website shows that it is a technology company dedicated to the research and development and application of rapid animation technology (AR&VR), providing virtual IP creation business.
V. Borui Communication
The company has the game business of independently researching and developing game products and jointly operating game projects with the game operation platform.
Chengdu DreamWorks, a subsidiary of the company, has applied for patents related to virtual reality helmet equipment.
VI. Zhidu Co., Ltd.
Zhidu Technology Co., Ltd.’s main business is Internet media business, digital marketing business and other businesses.
The company’s blockchain technology is an important infrastructure of the Metaverse. Its role is to ensure the security of users’ digital assets and digital identities, transfer and motivate value, and ensure the transparency of the rules of the Metaverse.
VII. Zhewen Internet
Zhewen Internet Group Co., Ltd.’s main business is digital marketing, driving traffic operations with technology and data, and digging deep into the value of traffic.
The company’s “Digital Virtual Human – DIGITAL HUMAN” related business has been formed in Hangzhou. This business uses hyper-realistic facial reconstruction technology and integrates advanced 3D real-time rendering technology to create high-precision holographic digital characters, which are presented in the form of new media technologies such as 5G+ HOLOGRAM / AR / VR.
VIII. Alto Electronics
Shenzhen Alto Electronics Co., Ltd.’s main business is film and television shooting, transportation, sports and exhibitions, education and government and enterprises, advertising media, finance and communications, cultural tourism, night travel and other industries Customers provide professional and one-stop intelligent video solutions.
The company is committed to providing customers with professional “hardware + software + content” intelligent video solutions, among which VR, AR, XR and other applications can provide customers with a better experience.
9. Fengyuzhu
Shanghai Fengyuzhu Culture Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading digital experience service provider in China.
The company’s current VR/AR digital visual content and VR/AR virtual reality technology overall solutions are widely used in the company’s digital experience business. The company is good at using VR/AR and other virtual reality technologies to create digital scenes, create immersive experiences, digital Content and scene construction is an important link in the development of “Metaverse” related industries.
10. Blue Cursor
Blue Cursor not only has the mature case of the “Honor of Kings” virtual idol Infinite Kings Group, which is well known to consumers, but is also innovating.Search for virtual services for entrepreneur avatars. In addition to the virtual human live broadcast, the company will also help customers complete the design and production of virtual images and the promotion of the whole case.
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