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(1) About Mark Zuckerberg or “The King’s Speech” or “Seventeen Back”

Seventeen Back” tells the story of a boy who plays a Basketball is very good, just when he can go to a good university with his good performance in this game, and then have a good life, his girlfriend came to watch the game and told him before the game that he had a child, He gave up the game and chose a family. After that, his life was not satisfactory, and his career was not smooth, so he complained every day that he gave up such a good opportunity, etc. His wife filed for divorce, and his son and daughter did not like him. Well, he wants to go back to the age of seventeen to make a choice, so he must choose basketball in order to have a better life. So the film has a magical character that guides him back to seventeen, and the people around him haven’t changed, so it leads to a series of funny things, he is back in high school, the good thing is that he can be with his son Playing together to talk, you can pay attention to your daughter, find that her daughter loves a ruffian, and persuade her to choose the right one. After going through all kinds of things, he finally solved the child’s problem. On the wife’s side, he could only see him as his son’s classmate, and found that he really didn’t pay attention to his wife’s work and hobbies before. Just when they were going to court for divorce, the wife felt that he might be his husband, and he was going to play the game again. As the parent of her son, she went to watch the game with her daughter, when he found out that he gestured towards her back then. She completely believed that he was “he”. She didn’t want to affect the game because of her arrival. When she walked out of the court again, a historic scene appeared. He threw the basketball again and left the court. He chose a wife, and then he turned back to his current forties.

I think the film wants to tell us: we can’t change our choices by going back to the past, maybe we will make the same choices when we go back, so don’t regret the previous choices now, thinking that we will do it all over again There can be any difference, the trajectory of this life is like this, if there is no regret, how can there be beauty, it seems that it can be explained that it is all doomed.

When I think about myself, I always say that if I had studied and done what I did, it would be different now; imagine that I chose another school when I filled out my voluntary program, and what will I experience later? A different landscape; chagrin at who and what was missed. From this point of view, those may be destined for me, destined to miss, destined to experience, then since I may make the same choice again, then the original choice is the best choice.

Life is only a one-way ticket, and life is so memorable. Don’t complain that you didn’t choose the right one at the beginning, look forward, a better scenery is waiting for you not far away.

(2) Why does Zuckerberg, who has to die, have a strong Henan accent when he speaks in Chinese

Because that accent is the one who taught him Chinese

How to think of Liu Cixin’s statement that “Zuckerberg’s metaverse is not the future, and the metaverse will eventually lead mankind to a dead end”

Although in the short term, the metaverse provides It is an “efficiency tool”, mainly to solve a “presence cost” problem. You don’t need to settle down, you don’t need to commute, you can work in the same space as your colleagues around the world, and you don’t need to wear protective clothing to go to the most dangerous places. remote virtual control in the environment, which will undoubtedly bring a revolution.

But in the long run, efficiency tools will definitely become a magic weapon for happiness, just like computers and mobile phones, which were originally used to improve efficiency and solve problems.


Liu Cixin, born in Beijing in June 1963, is a native of Luoshan, Xinyang City, Henan Province, from Yangquan, Shanxi Province, bachelor degree, senior engineer, Science fiction writer, member of China Writers Association, member of the Ninth National Committee, member of China Popular Science Writers Association, vice chairman of Shanxi Writers Association, vice chairman of Yangquan Writers Association, and one of the representative writers of Chinese science fiction.

Representative works include the novels “Supernova Era”, “Ball Lightning”, “Three-Body Problem” trilogy, etc., short stories “Wandering Earth”, “Rural Teacher”, “Chao Wen Dao”, “Festivals that Can’t Coexist” .

(iv) The connection between the metaverse and e-sports 2D

Abstract The concept of “metaverse” has been very popular in the market recently. What is the Metaverse? Imagine that there is a world parallel to the real world, in which a digital “I” acts as a “done” of a physical “I” in which to make friends, play, work and play, everything is carried out in an immersive way, enabling people to interact in this parallel world As similar as possible to real life, this is the “metaverse”.

㈤ Zuckerberg’s Harvard Lecture: How to Create a Better Worldview for the Post-90s

��The good is the new generation, and if they want to create a good worldview, it requires the efforts of many people.

㈥ Facebook founder Zuckerberg claimed that China copied American technology, what lies did the “Chinese son-in-law” say

Facebook founder Zuckerberg Grid is not a “Chinese son-in-law”, his wife Priscilla Chen is Vietnamese-American, not a “Chinese son-in-law” at all. Priscilla Chen’s parents are Vietnamese-Chinese and immigrated to the United States in the 1970s. Like thousands of immigrants, in the United States, it is a job of cheap labor in exchange for compensation – opening a restaurant. For a long time, I have been unable to enter and exit the Chinese market with a potentially huge user base. I want to do my homework to enter the Chinese market and frequently show myself as a “Chinese son-in-law”, which misleads many of our netizens! His series of operations include: giving a speech at Tsinghua University in Chinese; running in front of Tiananmen Square in shorts in Beijing’s Wu Maotian morning; naming his daughter in Chinese. To gain our favor.

Therefore, no matter how he set up a “Chinese son-in-law” before, he just splashed dirty water and stepped on Chinese companies after he failed to enter the Chinese market. The reason is really Sima Zhao’s heart.

㈦Why the metaverse concept exploded

The metaverse concept exploded because of Zuckerberg’s attention.

Zuckerberg said in an interview that it may be a few years before a functional metaverse. Zuckerberg talked about the various issues facing the metaverse right now, built on the internet as a place to socialize, work and shop through technologies like smartphones, VR headsets and AR glasses.

Since the rise of metaverse fever last year, the metaverse we know and witness at present is still a conceptual metaverse. Zuckerberg talked about the timeline for a functional metaverse, which he said is a new focus for the company going forward. Currently, the Metaverse has several challenges to overcome in terms of hardware, AI, and practicality.

Application of the Metaverse Concept

Manufacturing has long had the concept of a “digital twin” of physical facilities. Manufacturing is an extremely complex process, and by running simulations of a factory’s production process through virtual space, company managers can identify and analyze how work can be done more efficiently and safely without physically testing changes.

With the Industrial Metaverse, engineers can easily access the inside view of industrial virtual components. Industrial robots can also enter many features during the design life stage. For example a test drive in a “universe” virtual meta-scene in a realistic real environment.

㈧ What does it mean to speak on any Facebook channel

Consultation record · Answered on 2021-11-02

(ix) On October 24, 2015, the Advisory Committee will enter the Zuckerberg special session of Tsinghua SEM. Zuckerberg’s speech. . . . Look at the original version is

Mark Zuckerberg’s success is due to his solid efforts. Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) delivered a speech at a middle school in Menlo Park, California, USA on June 9, 2011, and pointed out that “there are no shortcuts to success”. – There are no shortcuts to success. He said: “Starting a company like Facebook, or…

㈩ Zuckerberg Harvard Commencement Speech in English

Our Generation The challenge is to create a world where everyone has a sense of purpose!


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