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① How to earn J below level 30 in the Gods and Demons Continent

Go to the Nightmare Playground! ! Level 30 still can’t fish! So nothing is worth anything! You can also collect some herbs and sell them! Shenmo Continent Novice Card Issuance Activities
http://hd.766.com/market/shenmo/Shenmo Continent Internal Beta High-end Player Group: 117516246 (full) 2 groups: 124764609 Shenmo Continent The biggest god in the online book Magic Information Station
http://shenmo.766.com/ke/World BOSS Distribution Location
http://shenmo.766.com/zt/boss/896617.shtmlExperiencing Tasks
http://shenmo.766.com/renwu/ll/836548.shtmlShenmo Continent Experience Calculator Upgrade Experience Detailed Calculation
http://shenmo.766.com/gl/zonghe/645673.shtmlGod The location of the mission of the guide in the demon continent
http://shenmo.766.com/zt/rwzt/661846.shtmlThe most practical tool in the demon continent
http://shenmo.766. com/hezixiazai/Shenmo Continent Reading Task Answers
http://dynamic.766.com/simulator/shenmo/smdt/Shenmo Continent Occupational Skills Encyclopedia
http://shenmo.766.com /ke/professional/20100223/43569.htmlShenmo Continent Warrior Profession Completely Revealed
http://shenmo.766.com/zt/zyzt/665683.shtmlShenmo Continent 256-piece Suit Collection

② My world pe enchanting table enchanting book I have enchanted 5 books, all level 30 enchantments are fire arrows, this cannot be replaced Well, I want the fortune enchantment

can pc
can do it with command blocks! ~~~
/give @p minecraft:diamond_sword 1 0
@p refers to the nearest player
minecraft:diamond_sword refers to the English name of the diamond sword, 1 is the quantity, 0 is the loss value, For example, if I lost 233 points of durability, then fill in 233=. =
Add multiple enchantments to a piece of equipment, separate them with commas
/give @p minecraft:diamond_chestplate 1 0
{ench:[{id:0,lvl:5},{id :1,lvl:5},{2:18,lvl:5},{id:3,lvl:5},{id:4,lvl:5},{id:5,lvl:5},{id : 6, lvl: 5}, {id: 7, lvl: 5}]} This is armor enchantment attribute level can be tens of thousands, but not too high
All enchantment IDs
0 – Defense, Protection (helmet, armor, shoes, pants)
1 – Fire Protection (helmet, armor, shoes, pants)
2 – Half fall damage, Feather Falling (shoes)
3 – Blast Defense, Blast Protection (helmet, armor, shoes, pants)
4 – Ranged attack defense, Projectile Protection (helmet, armor, shoes, pants)
5 – Underwater breathing , Respiration (helmet)
6 – Dig underwater, Aqua Affinity (helmet)
7 – Damage reflection, Thorns (helmet, armor, shoes, pants)

Weapons (swords) ):
16 – Sharpness, Sharpness (sword)
17 – Undead Slayer, Smite (sword)
18 – Bane Of Arthropods (sword)
19 – Knockback , Knock Back (sword)
20 – Fire Elemental, Fire Aspect (sword)
21 – Double Drops, Looting (sword)

32 – Mining Efficiency, Efficiency (script, axe, shovel)
33 – Precision Gathering, Silk Touch (script, axe, shovel)
34 – Unbreaking (script, axe, shovel, weapon, equipment) )
35 – Lucky Dig, Fortune (script, axe, shovel)

Weapons (bow and arrow):
48 – Strength, Power (bow and arrow)
49 – bow and arrow Knockback, Punch (Bow)
50 – Fire Elemental, Flame (Bow)
51 – Infinity Bow, Infinity (bow and arrow)

pe enchant 30 directly with script
There are 30%~40%

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